Friday, January 11, 2019


     My supply of cookbooks is running low, so Country Guy and I were discussing last night that it might be time to reprint them.  I love giving them to friends and to others who stay with us, and I also try to remember to take a couple with me when we go on trips to give to my bus buddy and/or the tour guide.  The tour guides, who are usually from the country we are visiting, seem excited to receive a personal gift related to our country of origin. I also love having them to give as wedding gifts, "thank you" gifts, and for those young people just starting out on their own.  That's why I'm reprinting them!
    I have had several tell me that the "How to.." section which I put in at the request of our daughter and the extra "Cooking & Nutritional Tips" which include substitutions and measurements are worth the price of the book even if it didn't also include all my favorite recipes.
     The company that published the two previous editions was bought out by another company this past month so thankfully when I called I was directed to the new company.  Fortunately, they still have all the recipes on file.  Whew!  I would rather not type them again.  I plan to add the extra recipes I have posted on this blog to the originals before publishing the next edition.
     I know some of you refer to recipes here because you have told me you do, so I thought I would let you who might be interested know I am considering publishing them again.  Of course, I'm making them available to you at my cost, plus shipping, which looks to be no more than $10 total and could be a couple of dollars less depending on the number ordered. The more I order, the cheaper they will be. I will also need to check with the post office on the cost of shipping.  If you live nearby and can pick them up, I'm thinking they may only cost $5-$6 each.
     So if you are interested in ordering one or more please send me an email:

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