Tuesday, January 15, 2019

What are the 9 things you can't talk about freely in America?

      Read this article!  9 Things You Can't Talk About Freely in America.   How ridiculous, but true!  How have we allowed the liberal press to silence our opinions?  Where are the churches who need to be shouting from the housetops the truth on many of these subjects?  What does God say?  That's what we need to be talking about. There are so many youth (adults?) who have no idea what is right and wrong, but only what feels good or sounds right to them because noone will speak truth to them.  It is time to wake up and stand up.  I will not be silenced!
      Homosexuality is a sin. God created male & female so any attempt to create another gender is also a sin.  No amount of screaming racist, homophobe, etc. will change that.  So is lying, judging, gluttony, I understand.  I was told by my granddaughter that saying her gay friend is sinning is judging.  I say, "No it isn't," because I am not condemning him I'm only stating what God says. The truth is, I would like to help him but that isn't possible until he recognizes God didn't create him that way and that his "lifestyle" is contrary to God's creation.
     Which brings me to evolution.  Any intelligent person who really wants to know can see that we did not evolve.  How can an amoeba decide to join with other cells to create a being?  If it were possible, why are not more creatures being created every day?
      Abortion is murder.
      Man made climate change is ridiculous!  God is the creator of climate change.  Man's puny efforts can only affect a very small percentage of the carbon dioxide in the air. We think much more highly of ourselves than we ought!
      We are being brain-washed!  It is time we said ENOUGH and begin to fight back.  I am making it my goal to speak up in every situation in which I find myself where God's truth is not being spoken .  If we don't, it won't be long before the "thought police" will take away all freedom to speak.

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