Saturday, January 19, 2019

E. W. Kenyon, In His Presence

     Somehow I misplaced my E. W. Kenyon book, In His Presence, over the holidays.  As we traveled to Nebraska I read much of it aloud to Country Guy.  When we got home I looked everywhere for it until I finally gave up and ordered another one.  I have begun re-reading it because it contains such wonderful wisdom and revelation!

Here is a very convicting excerpt found on p. 13:
     The greatest duty you will ever perform for your family will be the prayer duty.
     It may be that it is no longer a privilege.
     You have thrown the privilege away.
     You have ignored it.
     It has no become a stern duty.
     You must go back to your prayer closet and begin anew your fellowship with Him.
     Do it for the sake of your family, the boys and girls; for the sake of your home and church; and God will honor you.
      Children are growing up in Christian homes without the restraining power of God over their lives.
     The reason is apparent!  Mothers and fathers have failed in their responsibilities in the prayer life.
      I call on you, men and women, who yourselves are to blame for the crime and lawlessness of the youth of this generation, to go and ask His forgiveness, and to take up your responsibilities, NOW!

     Considering this book was written before Mr. Kenyon died in 1948 it is amazing how prescient it is!  Can you imagine what he would have to say about our lack of prayerlessness today if he could see our youth--and their parents now?

After I posted this I discovered you can listen to this book on YouTube.  Click here for Chapter 1.

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