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'I Heard The Thunder Of His Voice!' Lana Vawser

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'I Heard The Thunder Of His Voice!' Lana Vawser

January 28, 2019
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Recently I had a powerful encounter with the Lord where I heard His voice thundering over His people, "Make up your mind!"

It wasn't an angry "make up your mind," it was a strong decree and invitation to partner with faith and to move away from being double-minded. 

The Lord showed me that there was an "entry point" for the enemy to come in with his torment, fear and oppression that was in the hearts and minds of God's people and that "entry point" was called "DOUBLE-MINDEDNESS."

"When you are half-hearted and wavering it leaves you unstable. Can you really expect to receive anything from the Lord when you're in that condition?" James 1:7-8 (The Passion Translation)

This strong decree of the Lord caused every part of my being to shake under the power and authority in His words. The decree and invitation was so strong that it resonated in the atmosphere, "Make up your mind to believe what I have said!!!" 

I watched as many of God's people were being "tossed to and fro" in so many ways as this double-mindedness was causing their emotions to run high, it was causing anxiety, it was causing intense fear and the enemy was using it to amplify the sound of fear and intimidation.

But as the Lord decreed, "MAKE UP YOUR MIND," I saw this roar come out of God's people. It was a roar that said, "I will NOT listen to my emotions. I will NOT listen to the lies. I will NOT listen to anything else but what He is saying and I will NOT take this anymore."

Raise My Word to the Highest Place

I heard the Lord say, "Raise My Word to the highest place" and suddenly I had a vision where I saw the Word of God on the same level as the fears, as the lies of the enemy and circumstances. The Lord was thundering, "RAISE MY WORD TO THE HIGHEST PLACE." It was a choice to "make up minds" of ultimate truth and that ultimate truth is Jesus Christ and the Word of God. 

The Lord spoke again, "As My people repent for double mindedness and make up their mind to take Me at My Word and raise My Word to the highest place fear will flee and chains will break!!!!!!" 

I watched person after person on their face before the Lord repenting for double-mindedness and generational fear/intimidation fell off. Attacks of fear fled. Chains of torment, oppressive battles of the mind, anxiety, weariness, and lethargy suddenly fell off.

The Lord spoke again, "Do not wait for your emotions to "feel" My Word, take My Word now and feed upon it more than you ever have and watch how the breakthrough will continue to increase within you and then around you."

Double Vision will Clear

I heard the Lord say, "Double mindedness has caused 'double vision' in My people. They have not been able to see clearly because of their hearts being in this place. In the repentance of double mindedness and making up their mind again in faith, vision will not only clear, there will be a greater accuracy of clarity and strategy."

"My people are about to see further than they ever have."

Peace will be Restored

I watched as so many of God's people were in this major battle for peace every day. They would receive their peace, then suddenly it was gone. Then they would get their peace back and suddenly it was lost again. The Lord showed me that these places of "double-mindedness" were stealing their peace and in the place of "making up their minds again" peace was restored and concreted deeply.

The Lord spoke, "As My people make up their minds again and raise My Word to the highest place My peace that surpasses understanding will fill their hearts and minds and it will remain as they continue to make up their minds in faith."

"It's the Holy Spirit boot camp training that I am inviting My people into right now and the realm is faith. In this new era I am branding this new era with the decree of unstoppable faith."

Friends, let us be people who continue to live in the place of "making up our minds" to not tolerate, receive and focus upon anything but what He speaks. There is a major increase of faith taking place. There is a major work of His Spirit taking place in the body of Christ to break the chains of fear and intimidation. To see doubt and double-mindedness removed from hearts and the army of God rising up with the fire and conviction of the truth of God's Word and what He says being our ultimate reality.

"Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God." Matthew 4:4

Watch how your alignment with the Word of God and what He says will see a mighty move of the Spirit of God ushered into your life, to break the strongholds of fear, the intimidation and the chains you have carried and battled with for so long, once and for all.

Lana Vawser

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