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'Is this Pandemic A Hoax?' Johnny Enlow

What do you think?

'Is this Pandemic A Hoax?' Johnny Enlow

Is the "coronavirus pandemic" the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the world?

Who is behind it? I will give you some data and you decide. Then a brief prophetic statement.

After doing some personal research on incontrovertible data available to all, I am faced with overwhelming data that the coronavirus pandemic is artificially generated. This is not challenging whether the coronavirus exists. This has nothing to do with how presently hard it is in emergency rooms and how truly heroic doctors and nurses are being. This is not saying that deaths aren’t tragically occurring. This is not an anecdotally generated conclusion which is almost never objective- rather this is a question and perhaps a conclusion based on raw data.

I did the research and feel free to do your own. I discovered that in a normal year, get this, 6.5 MILLION people will die of respiratory infections or diseases. The world coronavirus deaths TOTAL is right now at 25,000. A four-month world total of 25,000?! If you project it not to slow down all year that would get us to 75,000 deaths! If it doubled it would be 150,000. If China under-reported by a million it would bring it up to a fifth of normal. What- and this is a pandemic?!

I am not sure if you are understanding the math. If 18,000 people died every day from acute respiratory matters from January 1 to December 31 that would only put us in the “normal” category of 6.5 million a year. Can you imagine watching those type of numbers displayed as a death countdown on channels such as CNN, MSNBC and even FOX (who with their coverage have further convinced me that at the top levels they are run by the same bandits as the rest of MSM).

If you argue that this is all still a big deal because the coronavirus deaths are in addition to the others- there is no evidence to support that at all. Coronaviruses come every year as acute respiratory infections and, of course, almost every year there is a new strain.

My common sense, data-driven conclusion is that someone(s) saw a yearly tragic health reality that with a little pumping up from a complicit media could weaponize what happens every year into something that could execute the economy and by extension President’s Trump re-election. The attempt is going to fail but it seems unquestionable that this has been the attempt. Attempted murder of the United States economy. Attempted murder of President Trump’s re-election as dutiful President of the United States of America.

Could this be the same people who weaponized fake dossiers and a fake Russia collusion? Could this be the same people that than weaponized other fake Ukrainian intel to try to impeach the most effective performing President in history?

At what point does this no holds barred, ramped up attack against a duly elected sitting President become identified and tried as the treason that it is? Millions are jobless (mostly temporary because of President Trump’s brilliance) and billions are gripped by fear. The guilty would have the whole nation and by consequence, the whole world thrown into perhaps the greatest economic depression in history just to accomplish their goals.

Is there no severe consequence for that? Is that not in itself a serious "crimes against humanity"? What else are they hiding for them to be willing to precipitate the whole world into decades of grueling poverty, death and despair? Many of you know the answer to that- worldwide crimes against children at the highest, darkest and most unthinkable level.

Here now I shift into prophetic mode.

"Jesus still loves the little children of the world. He hugs, cuddles, nurtures and restores every single one of these little ones that was horrifically brutalized. Not one aborted child, not one later abused and murdered child goes unnoticed and ultimately cared for and tended to by Jesus Himself. He leaves them with no trace or no memory of their trauma. However, the blood of these children has raised an outcry to the Father that now demands His attentive JUSTICE. He will not charge and target the whole world for the sins of the relatively few ( though more than most imagine). He is going after the evildoers themselves and HIS JUSTICE IS INCOMING- in relentless waves, until all the perpetrators are dealt with.

President Trump is His Cyrus instrument not just for economic purposes. As said in Isaiah 45: 1 and 2, he will “strip kings of their armor”, “level the mountains”, "break down bronze gates”, “cut through bars of iron”. No stronghold of darkness will be impregnable for President Trump. This is his assignment and he will not fail- because this is HIS assignment and HE will not fail. Were they able to stop President Trump as His instrument (and they won’t) God would still execute all that His JUSTICE now demands. For the above workers of deep darkness TIMES UP. You had time and it has run out”.

Johnny Enlow

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Johnny has gone off the rails - no longer tapped into heaven (if he ever was).