Friday, March 13, 2020

Quote from Mark Alexander's article The Coronavirus Cure Is Killing Us

I totally agree with this excerpt from Mark Alexander's article, "The Coronavirus Cure Is Killing Us."

"...All the coming political self-congratulations aside, the response to coronavirus is a case study of the most grossly negligent media-driven panic in decades, and it's indicative of the degree to which the MSM can drive fear and panic.
The WuFlu viral fear pandemic is the biggest load of crap ever dumped on American workers. They and their families are absorbing the financial shock of this monumental malfeasance, and the nonstop 24/7 news cycle is responsible. Every media talkinghead fomenting the fear and those politicians who are using it as political fodder should be exiled to Wuhan...
...Panic is not a strategy — unless you are a Democrat wanting to defeat Trump."

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