Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Mike Hutchings: Healing PTSD & Trauma

A couple of weeks ago Country Guy and I attended the More Love More Power Conference in Champaign. Mike Hutchings gave a workship on Healing PTSD.  For many years I have been interested in healing so it was a no-brainer that when given the opportunity I would sit under Mike Hutchings ministry.  I was very impressed and encouraged by the information he shared so I bought his DVD on the teaching and then looked him up on YouTube when I got home. where I found there are several videos with the same information.

I have been watching these videos for 30 minutes every day while I ride my stationery bike as I meditate and pray about how to incorporate parts of this teaching into the Integrative Healing model we already use to pray for people.

If you haven't known of Mike, I invite you to watch these YouTube videos, or some of the others available.

Healing PTSD 2 Training Session 1

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