Monday, April 20, 2020

Chairs from Carrington Court Direct

       I have had such a good experience with Carrington Court Furniture Company that I wanted to give them a plug on my blog.  A couple of months ago I ordered a new dining room table from Kincaid Furniture because I wanted a table that would expand to seat 12-16.  Even though the chairs that could be ordered with it were upholstered, as I had been wanting, the backs had a wood lattice instead of solid fabric, which I didn't want. Additional fabric could not be ordered either.
      I started a search for chairs, first by visiting all the furniture stores in the surrounding area to see their displays and catalogs, then by looking online.  I finally found chairs at Carrington Court Furniture Company but was a little skeptical because they were only about 1/2 the cost of most of the uphostered chairs I had found.  After studying the info on construction, their guarantee, and the possibilities, etc. I decided to send for fabric samples. They allowed me to order as many samples (free) as I wanted and the samples came quickly.
      I discovered there were several choices to be made in designing the chairs--first the style, then the leg shape and stain of the leg, and the fabric.  I also discovered for a small fee--$20--they would match the leg color to the table color if I had a wood sample I could send them. I could also order extra fabric for $20/yard to cover the seats of my old dining room chairs so when we have more than 6 people for dinner I can use them as supplemental seating.  Most of the chair companies I looked into did not allow for an extra fabric order. (I even read on their website they will allow you to send your own fabric to use on the chairs.)
I am excited to get the other chair today. Then I can throw away the cardboard boxes they came in.  (See lower left side of the photo.)
        I ordered the chairs on March 7.  Tricia Haas was the sales rep I dealt with.  She was very helpful and responsive.  I received 5 of the 6 on Friday.  Fed-Ex tracking says the other one is at their facility in Romeoville, IL and will be delivered today.   Hurray!
       The chairs are beautiful!  They are exactly what I was envisioning when I started the pursuit!
       If you are in the market for new dining room chairs, I would highly recommend you check into Carrington Court.

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