Friday, April 10, 2020

Rhett Walker - Believer (Official Lyric Video)

What a great declaration!

The following is a comment posted by Rhett below the song on YouTube.  How appropriate to post it on my blog today during Good Friday and Passover!
Rhett Walker

Hope y’all are digging the #lyricvideo April Walker & I came up with the concept for the video, thinking about the Passover and the blood that was spread above the door. Jesus is the ultimate Passover. His blood covers us and is the reason we have the power to shout that we are Mountain Movers, Water Walkers, Overcomers, Gospel Preachers with a heart on fire, Freedom singing testifies! We are covered by his blood. Every name the enemy whispers to us, we get to say, covered and redeemed. Because, we are Believers.

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