Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Good Clean Movies

       Several years ago I did a post on some of our favorite movies at the time.  Since we are confined and have more time to watch movies during this season I thought I would post a few more recommendations.  It is difficult sometimes to find a good movie, so I always appreciate a heads up on something you've found entertaining and clean so be sure to add them in the comments below--or if you have trouble posting as some have said, send an email and I will add them.

I really dislike spending time watching a movie that throws in filth just for the heck of it so all suggestions are appreciated.

Here are movies we've watched in the last few months which we have enjoyed.  Most were free on Amazon Prime, some we had to purchase for $3 or $4, but were worth it.

The Best of Men
I Am Potential
Mr. Rogers' movie --
The Chosen series (free but must get the app) We've already watched the series twice, it was so good!
Sing Over Me. (a documentary of Dennis Jernigan's life)
7 Days in Utopia
One Special Night
Christmas Angel
The Railway Children
Still Life
Mrs. Brown
Home By Christmas
I Can Only Imagine
I Still Believe

If I think of others I will add them later.

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