Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Disappointments and Blessings, Again!

     Can this really be happening!  We were to leave this afternoon for a week in Arizona visiting my sister's family.  Yesterday as I was watering the plants in the basement I knelt down on the carpet to pick up spent blooms from the Christmas cactus, (see picture in previous blog).  When I stood up I realized my knees were wet!
     As I began to explore areas of the carpet it became apparent we had a major leak.  The last time we planned to leave town--3 weeks ago--we had an ice storm, and now we have a flood!  It seems we may not be meant to have a vacation this year!
     We have lived here almost 9 years and have never had moisture in the basement.  We are now in the process of trying to figure out where it came from, and what to do about it.  Dan, who built the house, came over yesterday and decided to bring in the foundation builder to see if he could figure where the water is coming from.  We are now waiting for him to arrive.  Since it rained several inches on Monday, we are thinking the drain around the basement wall may be plugged--maybe by an animal burrowing in. Hopefully, the problem will be something like that which can be easily fixed.
     Yesterday we vacuumed several gallons of water from different areas of the carpet.  We went to bed hoping we might still be able to go to AZ today, but as we checked the carpet this morning we were still able to get water from it when we vacuumed!  It looks as if we will have to cancel our trip.  Again!
     We are grateful, though, that we discovered the water before we left.  Can you imagine the mess if it had been standing for a week before we found it!!  So we thank the Lord even in circumstances we aren't excited about and know that, as He always does, He will work everything together for our good because we love Him.  Sometimes it takes a little while to get back to that realization!  :o)

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Anonymous said...

Oh no! I can't believe you have to cancel again! That is so disappointing! So glad you found the water before you left though....maybe if it's cleaned up by the weekend you could take an impromptu trip to Nebraska! haha