Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Earthly Father, My Heavenly Father and Me

      Today I was thinking about how much I am enjoying blogging.  As I was pondering why, it occurred to me that I love being able to share new things I am learning and discovering with others.  Blogging seems to be a great way to do that.
      As I was thinking about the enthusiasm I feel for new things and experiences, I was reminded of my dad.   Dad was always so enthusiastic about what he was doing, especially if it was something new.  I guess I may have inherited this trait from him.   I remember whenever Dad was working on a building, or had acquired a new piece of machinery, or was trying something he had not done before, he always wanted us to come see what he was doing.  He would tell us all about the project, describing many details we were not at the time interested in.  Usually we went with him when he asked us, but not always with the right attitude.  We went because we thought we ought to.  We selfishly were thinking of what we would rather be doing.  Dad has been gone for almost 10 years now and I often think how much I wish I could go back to spend that time with him, learning those things he so eagerly wanted to share with me.  He knew how to do so many things that very few people know how to do now, such as survival skills we are trying to relearn.  How much wisdom and knowledge I let slip through my hands!  How many missed opportunities!
     Today I was also reminded of my Heavenly Father.   I know He, too, is eager to show me what He has been doing and what He is now creating, but I'm often too busy to take the time to spend with him.  Or I do set aside time, but not always with the right attitude of being eager to learn instead of doing so out of a sense of duty.  I often want to spend my time selfishly.  How much wiser I would be, if I would let Him show me those things He wants me to see!  How much more would I know and understand!
     Oh, that I would get my priorities straight!

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