Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spending Time

       The power is on again so our son's family moved back to their house last night, and I'm feeling a little sad.   It was fun having them here.  I loved watching the grandchildren and their parents interact.  I loved seeing them play together.  It gave me pleasure just having them near and it helped me to know them better.  How wonderful when the grandchildren would come into the room where I was working just to say "Hi" or, "I love you, Grandma"!  Sometimes they had requests like, "What are you doing? Can I help?" or "Would you play with us?" or "Would you help me with this?" And sometimes it was because they were hungry and wanted to know what they could have to eat.   Every little interaction gave me pleasure because it was time spent with them.  Knowing our time together would be short because they would be moving home soon caused each interaction to be precious.  How I wish I could keep that perspective in my daily life!  Life IS so short!
      This morning as I was reflecting on our time together, I was thinking God must feel like that about us.  He offers us shelter in our storms and surely loves it when those storms give Him opportunity to spend extra time with us.  He loves having us near, watching us play, talking things over with Him.  He, too,  must feel a little sad when we return to our busy lives, knowing that in our busyness we will sometimes even forget Him.  As I think about the pleasure it gives Him just having His children near, I am even more determined to not let life become so busy that I forget to set aside time each day to be with Him.   And as I reflect on my time with my children & grandchildren, I realize I don't have to do (or say) a thing when I'm with Him.  All I have to do is be me.

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Anonymous said...

I have also thought that is how God must feel because when I don't hear from my children for a long spell, just a simple phone call brings me such joy and a feeling of reconnecting. Enjoying this blog so much even though I talk to you at least once a week(-: Cindy