Thursday, February 3, 2011

Disappointments and Blessings, continued Day 3

     Well, we are still in Illinois.  The ice storm has passed and left in its' wake a beautiful scene this morning.  As the sun came out it caused everything to sparkle!  There are so many birds at the bird feeder they are having trouble taking turns.
      One of the blessings of missing our trip to the Bahamas has been having our youngest son's family living with us for a few days.  Of course, that is a result of a disappointment for them.  Their electricity has been off since Tuesday night and the power company is saying it may be days before it is restored.  Our electricity has also been off at the barn but not at the house because they are with different power companies.  As a result of no power to the electric horse waterers, my country guy has been carrying water to them--a very cold and time-consuming job!  It seems we sometimes need interruptions in the things we take for granted to remember how blessed we are in our daily routines!
    Even though there will be no trip to the Bahamas this year, we are so grateful we had not yet left when the storm hit.  We are seeing how important it is that we be here to take care of emergencies caused by the ice.
    Our daughter's family couldn't go either because their youngest woke up with a 104 degree temp yesterday.  The doctor diagnosed it as Type A flu, so in the midst of this disappointment, there was blessing in that we weren't out of the country, or in an airport, with him so sick.
     It is amazing that when we look, we can find reasons to thank the Lord in all things--just as He asks (commands) us to do!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Brenda-
Thank you for your beautiful Blog.
God has blessed you with such a grateful heart, and such sharing ideas for others, right from your heart.