Sunday, February 27, 2011

God and the GPS

        As we began our trip to Nebraska, Country Guy asked me to set the GPS to our destination.  Of course, he knows how to get there, we’ve been there countless times, but he likes to see the estimated arrival time as we travel. 
      It occurred to me that a GPS system is a little like God.  We enter our destination into the machine so it can calculate the best possible road to get us to that destination as quickly as possible.   It gives directions to get us started and then becomes completely silent to the point that we even forget it is turned on--until further direction, or a course correction is needed.  If we make a wrong turn, or get off the road for some reason, the GPS becomes vocal again saying ‘re-calculating’ and we realize it has been working all the time.  It now calculates the best route from where we are at this moment.  Since there are many ways to get to our destination this new route may be a totally different way than the one on which we started.  Our wrong turn may have taken us too far off course for us to return to the original without losing much time, so now the re-calculated route has been determined by GPS to be the best way for us to go.   That’s the goal and purpose of this handy gadget--to get us where we asked it to take us, using the best possible route.
      Isn’t that just like God?   Do we relax and trust Him to get us where we need to be as much as we trust our GPS?

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cindy said...

Great analogy. So true. I hate to admit my GPS has re-calculated many, many times.