Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Blessings

              For those of you following the saga of a country girl and guy wanting to go on vacation I thought I would post a follow-up to this morning's info.  The foundation builder arrived and said he was sure the drain that goes around the outside of our foundation and under the floor was plugged.  This all empties to one spot, so he said our house would be sitting in standing water if the drain was backed up.  We called the plumber to see if he could discover the problem.  Otherwise, the foundation guy's solution would be a back-hoe, driven through our yard and digging in my gardens.                                                                                                                       
Blessing #1—hundreds of hickory nuts stowed away by chipmunks have                 now been removed from our drain and it is free flowing.  Country                     Guy said at least 100 gallons of water gushed out when the acorns                  were removed, and it was still flowing an hour later!

Blessing #2—no back-hoe will be needed!!
Blessing #3—our son provided us with 2 more dehumidifiers so our carpet             is drying.
Blessing #4—Last week the idea came to me to order 2 more containers of             Host Carpet Cleaner—even though I still had some.  I am hoping it             will keep the carpet from any permanent water stains. (I highly                          recommend this carpet cleaner.  I order it through Amazon.)
Blessing #5—I just heard we have rain or showers predicted for our area for             the next 6 days!  Can you imagine the water we would have had in    
            the basement if we had gone to AZ without discovering the problem? 
            Or what if I hadn’t knelt down to pick up those flower blooms 
            yesterday when I was watering and we had left without even                           knowing  about the water already in the basement!
Blessing #6--We may get to spend some time with our daughter and her                    family who just discovered she has 2 kidney stones the doctor is                     going to break up on Monday.

    So even though we are disappointed to not be going to AZ, we are grateful the Lord is still watching over us and knows much more about what we need to be doing than we do.  We truly are blessed!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you had to miss your Arizona trip, but so glad you're coming here!!!!!!