Friday, October 21, 2011

Hi, Again!

      Sorry I've neglected my blog lately.  I have a new computer so it's taken me awhile to get set up again.  I made 2 trips to Indianapolis this week for help and to leave my computer overnight for 2 nights for software updates, etc., so I had no way to get online.  Now I am having to brush up on ways of doing old things and learn how to do many new things, plus Country Guy needed me to type some documents for him on my new word processing program, so I had to learn how to use it first.
      Technology is so complicated--and frustrating--and amazing--and time consuming if you don't know what you're doing!  I feel as if I am barely keeping my head above water!  It seems as if there is never anyone around who can answer my questions when I get into trouble with a project so it takes me hours to figure it out myself.  I told Country Guy (who hates working on these kinds of problems and therefore waits for me to do it) to ignore me as I rant & rave till I understand how to do whatever I'm trying to do because I really do love my new computer and am very grateful to have it!  He said he would try since he hasn't had much practice.  :o)  I believe he was teasing me.
      I'm not happy to admit that seems to be my typical way of letting off steam when I am frustrated and don't know where to turn.  I wish I could say I calmly reassure myself that all will work out and proceed in confidence, but I haven't gotten there yet!
      How do you handle new technology?  Is it an exciting challenge or a frustrating project?  I hope you enjoy it more than I do.

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