Thursday, October 13, 2011

"The School of the Seers" by Jonathan Welton

     Dave & Jane, friends from Colorado, have been visiting the past few days.  We've had fun catching up on all that has transpired in their lives and ours since their last visit a few years ago.   Dave has recently retired so they are on a several-week-long road trip to the East Coast.
    As Jane & I were talking on Tuesday, our conversation naturally turned to the spiritual, and to what we had heard, learned, and experienced since our last time together.  She said she is reading the book, The School of the Seers, by Jonathan Welton, to Dave as they have been driving, and is impressed by the message of the book.  She recommended I read it.
     That evening we decided to watch NCIS because they like the show so much.  Afterwards we watched one of the Sid Roth, "It's Supernatural," programs Country Guy and I had previously recorded on our DVR.  How amazed we were when we saw that Sid's guest was Jonathan Welton talking about his experiences and his book, The School of the Seers!  This was obviously a rerun, because as we watched I remembered seeing the show a year, or two before, but had forgotten about it.
       It seems the Lord was speaking to me.  As the Bible says--"out of the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses a thing shall be established".  What is the likelihood of hearing about this book on the same day from two very different sources--one of which was produced a couple of years earlier?
       It surely means I need to read this book, so I have ordered it on  I'll let you know when I've finished reading it.  Maybe you will want to get a copy, too.

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