Saturday, October 22, 2011

Printing From This Blog, repost

I have had more inquiries about how to print recipes from this blog so I am re-posting this explanation from several months ago.  Hopefully, it will help any who are having trouble.   

Someone asked me if it is possible to print directly from my blog.  The answer to that is "yes" and "no".  The 'yes' means you can print the blog, but as in the case of recipes, all the recipes will print when you are asking for just one.  The 'no' means then that you can't print only one specific thing directly from the blog.
     There is a way to do that, though.  Let's use a specific recipe as an example.  You can go to the Recipes page, find the recipe, highlight it by holding down on the mouse button as you scroll across the info in the recipe that you want to print.  Then copy the highlighted text by pressing the word "Copy" under "Edit" in the browser toolbar.  (On a Mac, you can also press Function (Apple key) and C at the same time after you have highlighted the text as a shortcut to copying.  I'm not sure if those are the 2 keys to use on a Windows computer but it will tell you under Edit in the toolbar).  After you have done this open up a new blank Word document, click the cursor at the beginning of the page and press "Paste" under "Edit" from the browser toolbar (or press the Function and V keys together as a shortcut to paste.)  The text you want to print should now appear in the document and you can now change the format, font size, or anything else you want to do and then print it from this document.
       You can also save it for future reference, if you desire, in My Documents by choosing "Save" under "File" in the browser toolbar.  And then telling it to save it to "My Documents" when the 'where to' words appear.  I have created a folder labeled "Recipes" in "My Documents" for that purpose and then every new recipe I receive from others, or type for myself, gets sent there.
     If by some chance you don't have Microsoft Word, you can also follow the above directions for copying, but then instead of Word, open up your email as if you were going to send a new message.  Paste the info in the new email according to the instructions above.  You can then print the email even without sending it.
      I hope this helps.  You can use this same method for most anything you would like to print and/or save from any web page, if you can't print directly from that web page.

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