Friday, October 14, 2011

Sura 9:5 says, "Slay the idolaters wherever you find them

      I received the information posted below in an email this morning.  I believe it is crucial that our eyes be opened to what is happening in America today.  We, the people of the United States of America--a nation founded on Christian principles--need to 'wake up'!  Muslims are mandated to destroy us--the infidel--as we are called in the Koran, but we hide our heads in the sand and think they will stop their destructive ways if we are just nice to them.  No way!  We have got to stop the infiltration of Islam into our schools, government and communities.  How will this happen unless our eyes are opened to the plans and purposes of the fanatics of this hate-filled religion?
 With Terrorist Muslims
Two Black Americans were elected to congress this cycle, and both are Republican. Col. West is from southern Florida. He won in a walk.
This new Congressman was an extremely popular commander in Iraq. He was forced to retire because during an intense combat action a few of his men were captured. At the same time his men captured one of the guys who were with the Iraqis who captured his men.
Knowing that time was crucial and his interrogators were not getting anywhere with the prisoner, Col. West took matters into his own hands. He burst into the room and demanded thru an interpreter that the prisoner tell him where his men were being taken. The prisoner refused so Col. West took out his pistol and placed it into the prisoner's crotch and fired. Then the Col. told the prisoner that the next shot would not miss. So the prisoner said he would show where the American service members were being taken. The Americans were rescued. Someone filed a report on incorrect handling of prisoners. Col. West was forced to retire. Col. West was just elected in November 2010 to Congress from Florida. During the elections he was part of a panel on how to handle or how to relate to Muslims. You will see his answer here explaining in just over a minute the truth about Islam. Please watch and if you agree, please tell others.

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