Monday, April 9, 2012

The baby has hatched

   On Saturday I happened to look at the dove's nest.  She is usually setting on it, but this time she was gone and I could see one egg had hatched and a baby bird was barely discernible from the content of the nest.  It was very well camouflaged.  The other egg was gone, so she must have pushed it out of the nest when it didn't hatch.

       Every time I looked at the nest after seeing the baby the first time, the dove was sitting on it entirely covering the baby.  This morning she was gone again so I snapped another picture.  The first one was taken Saturday, the second today.  It is apparent the baby is growing fast!
       I keep wondering how she is going to keep that little guy from falling out of the nest till he/she is ready to fly.  The nest is 2 stories high, so I hope he listens to his mother!

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