Sunday, April 22, 2012

Community-wide MAPPING Meeting

      This evening is the community-wide meeting for the MAPPING process.   Over 50 people from the surrounding area participated in a series of meeting in February to develop a vision and plan for the growth of the city of Martinsville.  The 6 Action Teams formed from those meetings have been exploring ideas and strategies to reach the goals set forth for each Team during the February meetings.  It has been an enlightening and invigorating process.  The Action Teams include:  Education, Healthy & Environmentally Friendly, City Wide Pride, Thriving Industrial, Downtown Revitalization, and Festivals & Events.
    Today each team will present the ideas and strategies they have been working on and ask for community input and support.  Afterwards we will be serving a light meal of barbecue sandwiches, chips, veggies and cookies.
      Here is our new logo.
     It was decided to incorporate a horse theme into some of the city growth preparations because horse racing has always been part of the Martinsville Agricultural Fair each summer and because horse training facilities function at the fairgrounds all year long.  So I expect of see horses popping up in unexpected places throughout the town.
     We are excited about the future of our village and look forward to imparting some of that enthusiasm this evening at the meeting.  Hope you will be able to attend.

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