Monday, April 30, 2012

A Very Productive Saturday

     Saturday was a very busy day for us.  We arrived at the Locker in Martinsville about 8:30 a.m. with six 5 gallon buckets to fill with water.  Cindy had agreed to freeze the water for us to use to ice down the pop and water for the Community-wide Youth Rally to be held at the fairgrounds on Wednesday.*.
    After we dropped off the buckets, we went to check on the readiness of the grill the grain elevator had received as a Christmas present.  We plan to use it to cook about 400 hot dogs at the youth rally.
    We then went to Sydney and Owen's soccer games.  They each scored a goal in their respective games so it was fun to be there to share in the fun.
    After the soccer games we went to Mom's for a family work day.  My sister and her husband were here from AZ, so all the siblings & spouses were present along with several grandchildren and great grandchildren.  We replaced siding on the front of Mom's house, painted the siding, replaced an outside water hydrant, painted her gas tank, removed a window air conditioner and patched the hole where it had been installed, trimmed trees, burnt brush and moved plants.  I think Mom was thrilled with the progress--especially since many of the jobs were things she had wanted done for a long time but had been unable to do herself.
     I overheard the conversation of some of my siblings saying they hoped it didn't rain so they could get the projects finished.  I remarked that it would be hard to be God and decide which prayers to answer, because we farmers were praying for rain no matter what it interrupted.   The fields are very dry and the new corn planted has been having a difficult time coming up through the hard earth.
     Well, I have to admit He did a good job with His answers Saturday, because we were able to finish most of the work before the rain began and then we got .7 of an inch Saturday night which will certainly help the crops.  It seems all our prayers were answered!
    We had lots of fun working together and were grateful that we could help Mom.  It was a busy but very productive day!

   * If you know youth in the area, or have young people in your family, be sure to let them know about  Elevate Elevate, the area-wide youth rally Wed. night beginning at 5:30 at the fairgrounds.  They won't want to miss it!   Email me if you need more info.

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