Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chuck Colson on Being a Christian

       I love the following quote from Chuck Colson because it is how I, too, want to live my life.  It is my desire to do something every day to advance the Kingdom of God.  Of course, in the world's eyes those things may not seem great--a smile, an encouraging word, a kind deed, but by God's standards they can be significant.  I love hearing stories of people whose lives were changed (sometimes even saved) by a caring person showing love just when the person was ready to give up. 
    Please, Lord, keep me aware of every opportunity to show your love to others.

"One of the most wonderful things about being a Christian is that I don't ever get up in the morning and wonder if what I do matters. I live every day to the fullest because I can live it through Christ and I know no matter what I do today, I'm going to do something to advance the Kingdom of God." -Charles Colson

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