Thursday, April 5, 2012

In case you're wondering...

      The doves are still setting on their nest outside the bathroom window.  We have closed the mini-blinds so that at least they can't see us even though they can hear us moving around.
       Everyday I peek around the corner of the blind to see if they are still there.  Whichever one is on the nest at the time usually looks at me, but has never been startled enough to leave the nest.
      This week I have been working outside in the courtyard which is below the nest, but that hasn't seemed to bother them either.  Obviously, they are intent on hatching the eggs.    
      One day when I peeked at them they must have been changing shifts because the eggs were exposed so I could see there are still two eggs in the nest.  One of the doves arrived just as I looked around the corner.  I enjoyed watching her fluff out her feathers and gently settle down over the eggs.
       It should be less than a week now before they hatch.  I'll let you know--maybe I'll even post pictures.

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cindy said...

What aa experience to get to watch.