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Daily Rant by Mychal Massie--Lessons Not Learned

      I love Mychal Massie's blog.  He is practical, passionate and bold in speaking the truth.  He says so many things most people believe but are afraid of being called racist and intolerant if they spoke them openly.  Since he is black he has a little more leeway to say them but it certainly takes courage for him to go against popular opinion--or at least the opinion the liberal media says we're supposed to have.
     I firmly believe we have been intimidated into silence by those who don't want the truth spoken.  We must reclaim our right to free speech and to disagree with those who hold values contrary to the principles our country was founded upon.  That is one reason I post articles like this one with which I totally agree--they say what I would like to say so much better than I can.
     Here is another post (which is actually a repost) that I found insightful and true.

 Daily Rant  by Mychal Massie

Lessons Not Learned – From My Vault

Lessons Not Learned – From My Vault

The following is a syndicated article written by me and published May 16, 2006.
George Wilhelm Hegel is credited with saying, “What experience and history teach is this – that people and governments never have learned anything from history, or acted on principle.”
To merely suggest that there is an abundance of wisdom contained in that 21-word sentence is a gross understatement. And nowhere at present is its truth more evident than in the mishandling of the illegal immigrant situation.
Just as radical Islam is not a religion, it is a murderous cult of unparalleled evil, and just as abortion is not about choice, but the selfish, paganistic murder of innocent unborn children, illegals are not simply nice migratory agrarians searching for a better life. They are criminals, they are dishonest and they are usurpers, ultimately controlled by those with a political agenda.
Jimmy Carter’s ineptness and treachery led to the unleashing of Islamic terrorism in the modern civilized world. Bill Clinton’s non-responsiveness after the World Trade Center bombings in 1993 gave rise to the bombings of American interests around the world and resulted in Sept. 11. President Bush’s coddling of Islam as a peaceful religion has been evidenced by beheadings, Fallujah and manipulative attacks against journalists and talk-program hosts by the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
A boot on the throat of Islamic fundamentalism and the conviction to challenge groups like CAIR would have spared America and her citizens much pain. However, our government and far too many citizens – having learned nothing from history – played pity-pat with the devil to our harm. As I continue to point out, we now capitulate to illegal aliens at the risk of the destruction of our way of life.
We must be inflexible hardliners when it comes to defending and enforcing immigration laws and when it comes to defending our borders. One primary reason is, as Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies correctly points out: “We cannot allow illegals turned legal into a well-developed welfare state.” Doing so would create a fatal, debilitative drain on the middle class.
Internal Revenue Service figures show the bottom 50 percent of wage earners paid 3.46 percent of all income taxes in 2003. Yet we know they consumed the greatest amount of government sponsored aid and entitlements. This group is comprised of couples filing jointly who earned less than $29,019 in that same year.
Illegals are already consuming tremendous amounts of unwarranted government subsidies provided at taxpayer expense. Then factor in the additional monetary drain that would be associated with over 12 million illegals suddenly given carte blanche access to federal programs such as Medicaid, Section-8 housing, and food-assistance programs. Many of them already freely enjoy the benefits of programs like WIC (Women, Infants and Children).
It is an undeniable fact that the majority of illegals are – at best – poorly educated, low-income workers. And if this single fact is to be disputed, then there remains no supportive argument for those who claim illegals do the work Americans won’t do. But I get ahead of myself.
There is a reason that legal immigration has been strictly regulated – maintaining strict limits on how many unskilled, skilled and professional immigrant applicants were admitted each year. Accordingly, how will creating another dependent class better America? What will creating another dependent class do to the already supposedly strained resources of the middle class?
Americans sat on their voices pursuant to the homosexual agenda until we were confronted with the redefining of marriage. Americans were passively ambivalent pursuant to liberal socialist judges, until Kelo vs. Connecticut opened the door for private property to be seized and given to private industry.
America cannot afford to applaud the president for a promise to strengthen our borders, without a specifically defined way to repatriate the illegal aliens residing within our borders – no matter how long they have been here.
If history has repeatedly taught one thing, it is that there are instances where hostile belligerence and indifference on our part is not only acceptable – it is in the interest of our secure well-being to be nothing less. This is a seminal moment pursuant to the future of our culture. We cannot afford to be nice. We can only afford to preserve our nation as one with liberty and justice for all legal citizens – not criminal vagabonds who bully their way in.

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