Friday, November 30, 2012

The Governor's Hometown Award

       Yesterday I spent the day in Springfield with a group from Martinsville on the Move.  We were there to receive 'The Governor's Hometown Award' for Martinsville.  What a wonderful tribute to those like Norma Calvert, Florence & Jason Conner, Linda VonBehren, and George & Becky Greenwell who had vision and persistence in following that vision to improve our city!
       It was awarded to Martinsville because of the huge amount of hours given by the amazing volunteers at the Changing Hands Resale Shoppe, and because of other projects & volunteer work sponsored by Martinsville on the Move.
      There were 5 awards given to cities in each of 6 divisions which were determined by size of population.  We also won First Place in our division.  The first place winners were then entered in the final competition for the Governor's Cup.  East St. Louis won the Governor's Cup but we felt it was quite an honor to even be in the competition.   One of the judges walked out of the Governor's mansion with us at the end of the program and shared with us that she was so impressed with what Martinsville on the Move was doing and that we actually were near the top in the final competition.  Amazing, isn't it!!  Our little town of Martinsville, population of about 1200, really IS on the MOVE!
      I especially enjoyed hearing about the projects of the other cities who won the awards.  All were inspirational and many were ideas to consider as projects for our town.
     All in all it was a very interesting and exciting day!

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Sarah said...

Great work to all of you!