Thursday, November 22, 2012

Story #2 from the Conference last weekend

   This story was quite an encouragement to those of us who want to be used by the Lord to speak encouraging, edifying and comforting words to all who need to know God loves them.  It is not up to u to decide if the word is important enough in our eyes to give.

     Joni Ames said she was on a team of people under the leadership of Rick Joyner who were being trained in the prophetic  This team was ministering at a conference and were given the instructions to look around at the participants of the conference to see if God highlights one in particular to you and then ask Him for a word for that person.  Then go give it to him/her.
      She said one lady, in particular, stood out to her, but the only thing she heard to tell her was that "God loves her."  She thought that was a generic thing to say, that she obviously wasn't hearing God clearly, and kept asking for Him to give her a "word" for the woman.  When she didn't hear anything else she decided she had been wrong and therefore wouldn't speak something so simple.  Anyone could speak that kind of word to her.
     Rick came to the microphone and said there was someone on his team who had a word for someone but was not giving it because they didn't think it was good enough.  He said God had told him if the person wasn't faithful in the little, He couldn't give the much.  Joni knew he was speaking about her and since she wanted "much" from God she would give the word even if she did feel ridiculous giving such a short simple word.
     She walked up to the woman and told her "God loves you."  When she said it the woman collapsed onto the floor in sobs and wailing.  When she finally calmed down, she told Joni her story.  She said she had to travel over a large bridge to get to the conference.  When she crossed the bridge she said to herself that if someone didn't tell her at this conference that "God loves you", she was going to jump off this bridge on the way home.  Her life was saved by three simple words!

     What an amazing story!  How important to be obedient to speak words of encouragement to others!  They may change a life!

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