Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Story #1 from the Conference last weekend

    Joni Ames told an amazing story at the conference last weekend.  She said she was in Birmingham, AL, at the request of an Episcopal priest.  During the day she had agreed to see people on an individual basis to give them a prophetic word.  A priest who knew she was in town, but not connected to the church where she was ministering, called to see if she would pray with a young woman from his church.  She readily agreed to see her.
     The room she was ministering in was in the basement.  As this lady came down the stairs the advertising jingle, "You see Libby, Libby, Libby on the label, label, label, etc." popped into her head.  She said she dismissed it and told herself to get down to business.  It was very obvious the young woman was pregnant.  As she sat down the advertising jingle popped into her head again so Joni decided she would tell it to the young woman who had told her nothing about herself or her reason for coming.  When she mentioned the Libby, Libby, Libby ditty the woman nodded as if to encourage her to continue.
    As soon as she told her the song, a picture popped into Joni's head of a table set with 3 plates, cups and spoons and Jesus standing there sweeping his arm toward the lady as He said, "you can have this if you want it."
   As Joni said that to the young woman her face lit up with a smile.  She said, "Thank you," and left without saying anything else.
    Joni thought that was really unusual, but then forgot about it as others came for ministry.  The next year when she was at the same church someone asked her if she had heard the story of the young pregnant woman she had prayed with last year.  Joni said no, she knew nothing about her.  The person proceeded to tell her the woman was pregnant with triplets but the doctor had said one of them was not growing and was causing problems with the pregnancy and her health, so he recommended "selective reduction" by removing the child that wasn't healthy to enable the other two to come to term. He said, though, there was no guarantee that could be done without harming the other two and might terminate the pregnancy.  The young woman didn't know what to do and had gone to her pastor who knew Joni was in town.  He sent her there in hopes Joni would hear a word from the Lord for her.
    The young woman's name was unusual so they had always called her "Libby".  When Joni told her the picture she saw, Libby knew that Jesus was offering her all three babies.  She left knowing what she would do--she would keep all 3 babies.  Within 2 weeks all the babies were the same size and she carried all three healthy babies to term.
     Five years later when Joni was again in Birmingham, she was told a lady with her children wanted meet her.  When they came in the children ran to her, hugging her and calling her Grandma.  The lady said she didn't know why they did that, she had not told them to.  They said, "But Mom remember the dream we had with the lady in it and Jesus told us that was our grandma.  This is the lady in the dream." Those were the triplets saved because of a word from the Lord delivered by a woman who didn't understand what she was hearing but was obedient to speak it.   Isn't that an amazing story!!

This blogpost by Sarah Bessey yesterday seems to encourage us to do the very thing Joni did.  Step out!  Know we are called by God to be His messenger in any way He sees fit.  I thought you might enjoy reading it if you haven't already.  Thanks to Mariann for calling it to my attention.

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