Monday, December 31, 2012

Cross Roads by William Paul Young

     Have you read The Shack by William Paul Young?  I read it a few years ago and loved it!  It gave me a totally new perspective on God's love and how great and magnificent He is.  It was, what I consider to be, a 'mind expanding' book.  I know that scares some people.  After reading the book, I read many reviews from those who call themselves Christians saying the doctrine in the book was not correct, etc. etc. and that it was doing damage to Christianity.  I am amazed at how those with little insight try to keep others from having any!
    Jesus said in Mark 9:40  "For he who is not against us is on our side."
    Obviously Paul Young is not against Him.  His writing of The Shack has encouraged more people to understand the love God has for us than most anything I've read!  And it has caused many to want to know this God of love!
    Anyway, I said all that to tell you I have just finished Mr. Young's new novel, Cross Roads, which I also loved!  It was a touching, thought-provoking, creative interpretation of the complexity of God's handiwork and His redemptive power!  And it also caused me to want to know this God who loves us so better than I do, and to worship Him more!
    I highly recommend it to those of you who enjoy seeing the workings of God  from a mind-expanding perspective.  I believe it will, also, cause you to love Him more.

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