Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What is your favorite novel?

     Two of the books I recently ordered arrived yesterday--The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton, and Little Bee by Chris Cleave.  They were recommended as favorites by the author of a blog I occasionally visit.  I am looking forward to reading some good books after the holidays, so I am accumulating them.  :o)   I can't start one till then, because I get so absorbed I can't put it down till it's finished and there is so much to do right now!
       I love to read, and am always looking for recommendations, but I don't want to spend lots of money on a book I'm not sure I'll want to keep.  That's why I'm so glad I found AbeBooks several years ago.  Through Abe's you can search the database of thousands of used book stores.  Almost any book that's not a new release, can be found at a substantial discount--usually only $1.  Even after shipping is added, most of the books I get there cost about $3, which is a substantial savings on the published price.
     Another great place for used books is the Goodwill Store.  If I find a book there that sounds interesting but doesn't turn out so, I can re-donate the book so Goodwill will benefit twice.
     My idea of a great novel is one in which the characters have depth and a moral lifestyle.  There must be a good story line that keeps me turning pages, and I like to have learned something I didn't know by the time I finish a book.  A few years ago I stumbled upon a book, Levi's Will, by W. Dale Cramer.  I learned much about the Amish in an excellent story.  I have since read all of Mr. Cramer's books.  In Hard Ground, the story is centered around an occupation I had never thought about.  Randy Alcorn's Decision, gave me much to think about Heaven, as I tried to figure out the mystery of the story line, and his novel, Safely Home, enlightened me on the persecuted church in China.   Cold Sassy Tree was a delightful look at small town life in the South in another era.  Many years ago I read a book by Agnes Sanford, The Lost Shepherd, which stirred my interest in the healing ministry.
     Many of the books I read at the time are favorites, but as time passes I forget about them as I read another good book.  Therefore, I can't recall the names of many that I loved.  I will have to think about this for awhile.  If I remember other's that I've found particularly interesting, I will post them later.
     Do you have any recommendations?  

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