Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Have a Light by Don Potter

      This is a wonderful song by Don Potter.  I love his voice and His sincere love of the Lord Jesus!  The song was shared with me by my friend, Joyce Carole, a couple of days ago.  I have been watching The Father's Heart Conference videos from Larry Randolph's ministry online, where Don Potter is the worship leader, as he was for the Blue Moon Conference which I mentioned a couple of months ago.  She didn't know that when she sent the link.  Isn't it amazing how God seems to accentuate a thing (or person) at a certain time?  I'm sure there is much more significance when this happens than we are able to comprehend.  I love it!  I know many of you will love this song when you hear it (if you aren't already familiar with it) as much as I do.

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