Friday, December 28, 2012

Please Pray For My Mom

      I spent the day yesterday in the hospital emergency room with my Mom.  She has a pacemaker which has shocked her 3 times in the last week.  What a scary thing--to have survived what feels like a mule kicking you in the chest, but not knowing when it is going to happen again!
      The medical people at the hospital discovered the bottom part of her heart is going way too fast and the top is not keeping up.  This is confusing the pacemaker which is trying to regulate it.  If it can't set the pace, it shocks the heart trying to get it in rhythm.  They say it is not life threatening, which was a relief to all of us, but it must be fixed or else she will continue to be shocked.
    The doctor admitted her to the hospital so that he could administer a drug that will slow her heart down.  It is expected that as the heart is slowed, the pacemaker can stimulate the top part to keep up with the bottom.   If this doesn't work, they believe the atrial lead on the pacemaker is not working properly.  If that is the problem, she will need surgery to replace it.  We are praying the heart will get back into rhythm without surgery.  We would appreciate your prayers, too.
    The doctor said he will keep her in the hospital till at least tomorrow, possibly Sunday.  She wasn't excited about that prospect, but she isn't enjoying the shocks either.  :o)
    Thanks for your prayers.


Sarah said...

Oh yuck. Prayers for your mom and the rest of the family. I'm hoping they get it all figured out soon so she can stop the shocking!

Country Girl said...

Thanks, Sarah, the medication seems to be working. They have discovered the atrial lead is OK. I'll put an update on one of the posts as soon as she gets home--which is expected to be tomorrow.

Anonymous said...