Monday, February 4, 2013

A Morally Degraded Super Bowl Performance by Beyonce!

     Were you, like me, embarrassed by Beyonce's performance last night at the Super Bowl?  Our son & daughter-in-law and two teenaged grandsons came over to watch the game with us.  I could not believe the half time show!  How far we have fallen!  A little over a hundred years ago, women were embarrassed to show their ankles!  Last night Beyonce was dressed as a hooker, and incorporated the moves of a dance hall girl into her routine!  And instead of people being appalled, they were screaming for more!  
      When we were growing up, the things she was doing on stage only happened in hooch shows.  No respectable person would admit to setting foot in one!  And not that many years ago her show would have been X-rated and definitely censored for television, but today it is not only allowed, but promoted. Performers like Beyonce are idolized and even invited to the White House to perform in the Inauguration.  Shame on us!!

      Forgive us, Lord.  I repent for our country for forsaking You and Your laws.  Cleanse us and cause us to seek You once again.

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