Sunday, February 24, 2013

This Weekend

       Have you ever experienced something, or met someone who you knew would affect your life in a way that you would be forever changed?  That was our experience this weekend when Country Guy and I participated in one of the best conferences we've ever attended.  It was held at the Vineyard Church in Champaign.  Todd White was the speaker. We had not heard Todd before, but discovered that he is a radical Christian who makes us want to be one, too!  He was radically saved and delivered from a life of crime and drugs by a revelation of how much God loves him, and now is filled with a zeal to help others see how much God loves them, too.  (I've posted the YouTube clip of his testimony so you can see hear for yourself how amazing his life is.)   He walks his talk and had many stories to back it up.  We heard truth presented in a way that cannot be ignored, made new connections, had new experiences, and were challenged to step out into areas we had previously ignored.  Because of attending this conference our lives are different.  Some things that seemed to be important, no longer are, and some that weren't have been given new priority.
     A fire to know God in a deeper way, to serve Him in our daily life, and to help people see how much He loves all of us has been re-ignited in our hearts.  I love it when that happens!  Sometimes I get so bogged down with dailyness that I forget we are on this earth for a much greater purpose--that everything we do is to reflect the Kingdom and to point others to the King.  Life is so much more exciting when we keep this perspective.  Sometimes we need to re-focus.  That happened to us this weekend.  

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