Saturday, February 16, 2013

Taylor Caldwell, One of My All Time Favorite Authors

      When I was in high school I read Tender Victory by Taylor Caldwell, which became one of my favorite books.  It also created a desire in me to read many more of her books.  Over the years I remember reading Dear & Glorious Physician, Great Lion of God, Testimony of Two Men, and others whose names I don't recall.  For years she was my favorite author.  I searched for her books whenever I had extra time to read, but then gradually became interested in other authors and lost track of her writing.
     Yesterday I went into Changing Hands Resale Shoppe to see a friend who was volunteering there. As I always do in second-hand shops I perused the used books to see if any looked interesting.  Imagine my delight when I discovered that someone else must have loved Taylor Caldwell as much as I had!  There on the shelf were 10, or more, old copies of her books, some with the original dust jackets.  Many of them I had already read, but I ended up purchasing four, whose titles I didn't remember, for a grand total of $2.14.  I was so excited to have rediscovered an old friend!
     When I got home I immediately began reading A Prologue To Love, which has all indications of being a really good book.  If you are unfamiliar with her work, and are tired of the 'fluff' and sensuality of much of today's fiction, I highly recommend her novels to you.

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