Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Word from Chuck Pierce

 Chuck D. Pierce:
Dear Seeking Saints:
     Don't Miss the Shift and See the New Blossom Around You!
     This is a time when the new is beginning to form. That which seemed to be dormant will quickly burst forth! On Sunday morning, the Spirit of Prophecy began to declare:
"You could easily miss the shift that is going on around you. Do not miss the shift that I am bringing into the earth realm above you. I am beginning to speak in ways to clarify what you have heard in past seasons. If you will listen from Heaven and not walk in the earth, your ears will be clear and your eyes will see. I say to you this is the beginning of a new season!
     "This is a time when that which has looked dead will begin to bud – that which has looked as if it had no life. Know that I'm going to bring life where it looks like there's death. Where there has been death to finances, where there's been death to dreams, know that Aaron's rod has budded and life has come forth. Do not wait to see the full blossoming, but look for the budding, for in the bud know that there is life.
     "This is a season that I'm going to cause the budding to come forth. This is a time where you're going to be able to see life where you thought there was death. Know that it is only the death to the old. But I say it is the time of the budding of the new. Do not miss the new! Do not miss the life that I'm causing to come forth, for this is the time that I'm causing the rod to bloom and I'm causing the rod to bud. New life has been released in this hour.
     "Know Me as Me and who I am, for seeds must fall into the earth for life to spring forth. Know Me, for this is a time that from Heaven I am stringing and making taut the lines that My word is coming on. I will bring words to nations and words to families and words to those who have made mistakes in the past. And in one day I will renew their life and their bodies. This is a time that I am stringing and causing My word to come. I have stairs up and down, ascending and descending, and angelic hosts are coming to redeem your past and open up your future."
Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries


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