Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Very Nice Christmas

      I pray you had a wonderful Christmas this year.  Ours was very nice Christmas except for the fact that one of our grandson's was sick.  He had so looked forward to his cousins coming from Nebraska and then he had a fever and was unable to play with them until the last night they were here, even then he really didn't feel like it.  We were all disappointed for him and the cousins who also were anticipating lots of "cousin time."
       I haven't yet put away the Christmas decorations or taken down the tree.   I think that might be a first for me.  I usually get everything put away as soon as possible after Christmas.  Our tree was/is so beautiful I really hate to see it go.  That will probably happen this weekend, so I thought I would post a photo so I could easily remember.

     On Christmas day all my extended family came for dinner.  I had an idea that I believe was inspired by the Lord.  I printed a list with everyone's name on it and then invited them to give the gift of helping others see themselves as we see them.  Everyone was to write at least one word beside each name to describe a gift they saw in that person. This included the children--who did an excellent job!  A couple of days ago I made a list with each person's gifts and delivered them to each.  See example below.  I think this might become a new tradition in our family.  All seemed to love getting this gift.

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