Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Agnes Sanford and Her Companions: The Assault on Cessationism and the Coming of the Charismatic Renewal by William De Arteaga

       Our family was active in Camps Farthest Out for many years so I am finding this book, Agnes Sanford and Her Companions:  The Assault on Cessationism and the Coming of the Charismatic Renewal, wonderfully educational and well-resarched because it includes much information on CFO and its founder, Glenn Clark.  It affirms what I have learned from so many different sources over the last 30+ years.  No matter what mainline churches say, healing prayer, deliverance, etc. are for today's Christians.
      Agnes Sanford was a mentor to me through her books and tape recordings.  She is the one who inadvertantly helped me discover CFO and introduced me to Tommy Tyson, Glenn Clark, Francis MacNutt, and many others through her talks.  I am so grateful to her!
       When Greg Camp told me about this book, I could hardly wait to get a copy. I am about half way through it and am so excited about what I have learned so far!  What Mr. De Arteaga does in the book goes way beyond my expectations!  He lays the foundation and gives the background of how the gifts of the Spirit--and particularly the healing ministry are central to the gospel and the many detours that have been taken over the years to divert this ministry.
       I highly recommend this book.

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Fenton said...

The book sounds great! I so appreciate you pointing me to the library of CFO's recordings! I have loved Agnes Sanford's books and Glenn Clark's books, and I really enjoy hearing them speak!

Have a great day!