Thursday, January 21, 2016

Rufus Moseley on Prayer

     I thought you might enjoy this wisdom from J. Rufus Moseley which is so relevant today even though it was included in an article published in December, 1930.  Thank you, Greg Camp, (who is doing research and compiling Rufus Moseley's writings for publication) for sharing this information with me.   
       "...The three conditions for answered prayer that Jesus emphasized were first, that we must forgive others and we would be forgiven; second, that we must believe that God hears us and that we receive what we ask for; and third, that we must abide in Him (Christ), the source of our life and everything, for without Him we can do nothing and with Him we can do everything.
Jesus taught His disciples to pray for everything good, for the coming of God’s kingdom, for god’s will to be done on earth as in heaven and in us as it was done in Him, for our daily bread and daily needs, for deliverance from evil, and for being perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect.  He healed every sick man that came to Him and never refused anyone of the grounds that it might not be God’s will for him to be healed.  It is also clear that it is the will of God as revealed in Jesus for us to be every whit whole, to be healed of all of our diseases as well as to be set free from all of our sins.  Healing was just as easy to Jesus and just as frequent as the forgiveness of sins.  In fact, Jesus revealed and reveals that it is the will of God for every enemy to be put under our feet and for us to have dominion over what we call matter and the forces of nature and for these to be plastic to the word of God and the Spirit of God speaking and working in and through us..."


Fenton said...

Rufus Mosley's books are inspiring and draw you closer to Jesus. I am excited to learn someone is writing a book of his writings.

Thanks for this posting!

Country Girl said...

Thanks, Fenton, for letting me know you enjoyed the posting. I, too, will be glad when Greg's new book is completed. I will be sure to post the info when it's done.