Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Time to be frustrated!

      It is time for new phone upgrades--something we don't get excited about at our house.  Actually, it is also time for a new computer upgrade--or at least a new operating system upgrade.  To do that I need to back up our entire system (I should have been doing this all along--another source of stress & frustration) but don't have an external hard drive large enough which leads to an entirely different tech problem--how to choose a hard drive--how much storage do I need, etc.  I approach these things reluctantly and only by necessity, but once the phones, computers, iPads, iPods, etc. get so out of date they don't work right, or aren't compatible with other devices, there seems to be no choice but to 'bite the bullet' and change. So right now I'm in that frustrating and time-consuming period of trying to figure  out how to transfer data from one device to another and why some things don't transfer in the switch--like calendar events and personalized ringtones.  I wish so much that we had a 'techy' living at our house.  Unfortunately, I'm the closest thing to a 'techy' and I'm pretty far away.  Country Guy refuses, so he is helpless--and hopeless--in this process.
      Consequently, this has been a week of stretching for me.  Not only am I working on updating the phones--our daughter also got me a Fitbit for Christmas so I had to set that up this a.m. on my new phone.  I  also spent much time last weekend going through our son's photos of our trip to Europe so I could use some of them for an album I want to make for our granddaughter.  Once those were chosen I had to figure out how to get them from his newer model computer to our old one.  That took me quite awhile, but I finally managed.  After combining them with my photos, I must delete several and then get them uploaded to Snapfish to begin the book!  It seems one thing leads to another time-consuming, frustrating, mind stretching task.
      I wonder why change is so difficult for me? And why I feel so stressed in the process. I try to embrace the experience as an adventure but somehow the process breaks down when I wade into water too deep for me.  Then, of course, I cry out for help.   If I wasn't forced to change would I ever do anything differently?
     Isn't God wise to make it so that we can't stay the same no matter what area of  life we're adventuring into?  And to make Himself always available when we cry for help?
     I have to say, I'm ready to get back to some humdrum sameness right now, though :o)--at least to be doing something that doesn't involve technology!

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