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Johnny Enlow: 2017: The Ride of the Reformation Glory Train

This is a wonderfully positive encouraging word from Johnny Enlow.  Even though it is very long it every word is worth reading.  I especially liked the word about the 'blue hairs' since I am one.

"2017: The Ride of the Reformation Glory Train"by Johnny Enlow, Santa Clarita, CA

Every year at about this time I am moved to a place of great hope as God shows me some of the things He will do in the coming year. This year the hope and the joy is almost uncontainable. 2016 was a year of the convergence of the ages with the Azusa Revival's 110th anniversary and our national presidential election being the highlights. I have written much about both of them, and it is important to note that one year builds on a previous year and important events and celebrations release greater events and celebrations. 

Rosh Hashanah 2015 to Rosh Hashanah 2016 brought us the 70th year of Jubilee and this unprecedented year of Jubilee brought us God's choice of Donald Trump as President of the United States and Leader of the Free World. Trump at age 70 became elected President of this nation during the Hebraic year 5777. On inauguration day he will be 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old. Because the Electoral College changed some votes it allowed Trump to end up with exactly 77 more electoral votes. 7 is the prime number of God and is why there are 7 spirits of God. 

Only if you are still out of tune spiritually (or motivated by an unnecessary fear) should this presidency still be a struggle for any of you. Outgoing president Barack Obama's legacy-tainting final acts against Israel are an immediate, major proof that the insertion of Trump as President was an urgent need for us and our nation. We will avoid many national catastrophes because of the proper honoring and care of Israel that our new president will see to. Let me talk about that before I get to the Reformation Glory Train.

The Shed Blood of Jesus in Israel
Israel may be tiny in the natural but it is absolutely huge in the matrix of the spirit world. Every global kingdom assignment begins with a proper reckoning of the preeminent place of Jerusalem and Israel. Every major, false doctrine starts with diminishing natural Israel and natural Jerusalem ("Replacement Theology" etc.). Every antichrist spirit running among the nations begins with antisemitism at its core. For clarity's sake, while it is not wrong to want Palestinians to be properly treated, any passion towards Israel giving up land or being furthermore diminished is influenced by an antichrist spirit, and that's whether you are a "Christian" or not.

Furthermore, it reveals a basic dishonoring of God and His clearly-stated intentions towards Israel and Jerusalem as established both in the Old and New Testaments. Jerusalem is listed 669 times in the Hebrew Bible and is also further related to as "the place that God will choose". We see the passion of the Psalmist where he says:
If I forget you, O Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its skill. May my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth if I do not remember you, If I do not consider Jerusalem my highest joy. Psalm 137:5-6.

For those who would diminish Jerusalem to "Old Testament" importance, remember that this is the very location that Jesus Christ was crucified. I remember my first time in Jerusalem, being aware of the weight of the place where the God of the whole universe decided to allow His Blood to be shed for the salvation of the world. The very idea that God could shed His literal Blood in a literal place and that that literal place could then descend into being only incidentally relevant is beyond comprehension.

There is a reason Jerusalem and its destruction is the desire of every principality. Destruction of Jerusalem destroys the master plan, and it is the master plan of our God that will guarantee Jerusalem's future. There is also a guarantee that Jerusalem will ultimately be a place that reveals the salvation of God to the whole world—that guarantee is the spilled Blood of Jesus. You cannot understand the significance of the Blood of Jesus if you do not know how to also apply it to the geographical place He willingly shed it.
For more clarity, it is almost insanity to believe that the Blood of Jesus is powerful enough to give us access into Heaven despite our sins, and not believe it is powerful enough to spiritually secure the city and country where it was shed. Jesus does not return, nor does any great end-time objective take place without Jerusalem and Israel being central to it. To not know that is to be in deception and to remain almost willfully so. The Scripture is too clear on that and the Holy Spirit is too insistent on that. We will no longer get a "pass" on blindness to this reality. (Photo via Unsplash)

Besides the above passage let me quote out of Isaiah 62: For Zion's sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem's sake I will not keep quiet, till her salvation shines out like the dawn, her salvation like a blazing torch. Is. 62:1

I have posted watchman on your walls, O Jerusalem: they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest, and give Him no rest till He establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth. Is. 62:6-7

Israel Betrayed But God Won't Be Played
It is still almost surreal the level of betrayal that the Obama administration exhibited in its instigation of the UN vote against Israel. The pressuring of nations such as Ukraine to vote against Israel, and the intentional adding of language that includes Jerusalem itself— essentially making it illegal for Israel to go to the Western Wall—and then the attempt to pretend to look passive in the process.

It is so great of an injustice that if this is the last political act of President Obama and of Secretary of State John Kerry it will mark them forever. In fact, the authority has been given to President Trump to allow President Obama to have a positive legacy or to remove any legacy. If President Obama does not retreat from his pride, and he only has days to do so, he will have his entire legacy wiped out. God can fix even our past mistakes as we humble ourselves before Him, but when we up the ante into treacherous pride, there is no happy ending. Pride goes before the fall.

Donald Trump as President will be the best friend to Israel that they have ever had. He will attempt to be fair to the Palestinians and try to negotiate a reasonable peace treaty, and the plight of the Palestinians is very important. However, Trump is a quick discerner of core intent and he will discover that those who represent the Palestinian people are driven by the unreasonable hatred of a demonic principality and have no real desire for peace or compromise.
President Trump will then expose their hypocrisy and severely turn on them. Because Trump has Jewish family and friends who do see things clearly in Israel, he will not be subject to the deception most world leaders fall under. No country on the earth has been more unfairly and unjustly treated by the nations over the last couple of decades than Israel, and there is a now a larger spiritual bill to pay. The nations that have unjustly judged Israel are presently under limited grace for terrorism and the ones that just voted against Israel have just caused another decrease in grace over their nations.

Nations of the World: Don't Mess With Israel!
This is an ongoing message to world leaders. Terrorism is now a "world problem" because the nations of the world have been unjust towards Israel in how they dealt with neighbors and citizens who wanted Israel destroyed. Now these nations have been flocking to Israel for insight and intelligence on how to defend themselves. Quite ironic. Yet the world's refusal to eliminate its antisemitic impulse is Pharaoh-like in its obstinance. Their recent UN vote reveals that.
Former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez publicly cursed Israel "from the depths of my intestines" and the next day began to feel intense intestinal pains that became a supremely rare cancer that took him out. In fact, 4 other South American leaders who shared Chavez's views developed cancer in the same year, yet no one learned the lesson but instead blamed "the CIA" for spraying them with something that caused cancer. Two of those Presidents are now out of office and facing prison. 

While Israel remains, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Khaddafi and even Ahmadinejad (just to name a few) are either dead or gone. Ahmadinejad is attempting to come back (whether they know it or not), but if he does it will be to his final undoing. Bottom line, if you are reading this and have any authority or influence in the government of any nation don't get caught on the wrong end of the Israel equation. The ante has now been raised and the costs will now start to soar for the nations. It is not so much that God "judges" the nations as a vindictive God, it is that grace is lifted and when that happens the devil is only most willing to accommodate. Reaping what you sow is still a very bad judgment to receive.

This week I found a prophetic timetable I wrote out in 2004. In that timetable, I listed the years 2017, 2018, and 2019 as 3 years where Israel would face great challenges but would experience even greater breakthroughs. The Trump years will have the Israel story being central. God voted and put Trump in so that would be so. 

Now for those of you who are in a nation exhibiting unjust behavior towards Israel, your intercessions do matter and will mitigate the lifting of grace over your nation, so be encouraged by that. At a minimum, you can step into Psalm 91 protection status as you become a minister of reconciliation on behalf of your nation.

The Church Will Be Highly Favored
Throughout history, the Church has gone back and forth from being in and out of a position of power. This is, of course, different for every nation. For the last 8 years in America, the Church has been more in a disempowered position than one of strong influence. When that is the reality new strategies have to be applied. However, the Church has now been placed in a powerful position of influence.

For clarity's sake, "the Church" is much more than just the "local church." All Believers involved in receiving and giving out the love of God, where two or more are gathered in His name, are "the Church." All of you who will get aboard the Reformation Glory Train are about to see increased favor. This has been determined by God. He has had us working from a disadvantaged position so that deeper love could be accessed. Now He is raising us to a highly favored status. He wants us advancing but in the new level of love, we had to dig down deep for.

If you are a Believer from another nation, be encouraged to know that this new favor is for you as well—even if you have a hostile-to-God/Christians' government. Heaven is going to begin to partner with His Church as never before and it will create new "game changer" realities in many nations. England, Australia, and Canada are three nations where this will be most pronounced in the near future. However, there will be an onus of primary attention on the United States at this time as the nation will be thrust forward in its call to lead the free world.

The Reformation Glory Train Coming In
With the election of Donald Trump as President, it marks the release of something new over our nation. A powerful train is coming in and the "smoke" that the train releases is a holy smoke of reformation glory.

Back in the late 1990s, we became familiar with a great woman of God named Ruth Heflin. She was a woman who had spent many years in Israel, as well as ministering in most nations on the planet since she was 15 years old. Her meetings were marked by the glory of God with many dramatic healings, the strong presence of God, and supernatural gold dust and oil. She wrote an initial book called Glory and then a series of follow-up books with that in the title.
Ruth Heflin was all about the glory of God. The Lord had her leave Israel in the late 90's to prophesy that a "Glory" move of God was coming to America. She had visions and prophetic words of great hope for America and also had enough favor in Washington DC to start the first Presidential breakfasts that still continue. Heflin believed we would see His glory in society and specifically in government, as she lived close to Washington DC. I believe a time of honoring her vision and heart for America is at hand. 

From Sea to Shining Sea
Ruth Heflin passed away in 2000 at the age of 60 years old. Reportedly the Lord assured her that the Glory move of God she had seen and prophesied over America had now been secured. As I was praying into this 2017 word the Lord spoke to me that NOW was the time for what she saw and that the Glory would be coming on a Reformation Train. This Reformation Glory Train has as Conductor, the Lord Himself, and He will be traveling everywhere saying, "All Aboard!"

A key part of Ruth Heflin's prophetic word was that she saw the Glory coming to America "from sea to shining sea." This is, of course, a line from the patriotic song, "America the Beautiful," and I believe we are about to enter into a prophetic fulfillment of that song that will extend for at least 30 years.

For clarity's sake, what I am saying is that God is going to so bless America that for the next 30 years, at least, she will become progressively more beautiful in every way. This Reformation Glory Train is going to ride back and forth and up and down our whole nation and will be accompanied by millions of reformation angels as it travels.

If Revival Glory produces "gold dust" as a sign and wonder, then Reformation Glory is going to produce "gold bars" equivalents as a sign and wonder. In fact, as I am writing this I am reminded of another Ruth Heflin book called "Golden Glory." We are going to see a whole new level of that in this nation. Ruth Heflin called "Glory" the atmosphere of Heaven. This atmosphere of Heaven is going to be released everywhere this train goes, and upgrades will be in order everywhere.

Every Nation Gets a Glory Station
I already mentioned a portion of that word as it relates to Israel, but there was more. In my old notebook, I wrote that 2017-2019 would be 3 years of great glory. I didn't at that time even have 7 mountain language or a real understanding of Reformation, and so I lacked those descriptives back in 2004. However, I did write that in these years, "Healing will be the children's bread," meaning it would become very common and easy to obtain.

I wrote, "The supernatural will be commonplace...angels will be easily visible...and translations and transportations in the spirit would be increasingly common," as would new, "Amazing signs and wonders." I think these are all very valuable and exciting, even as we engage with the greater assignment of reformation of the nations.

All of this will have to be done with heavy reliance on the supernatural. Perhaps that which requires the most faith to believe is that I wrote: "Every nation gets a glory station." I will declare it anyway! "Every nation gets a glory station!" Interesting I used the word "station" but didn't back then talk about a train coming in. I think this Reformation Glory Train is going to end up making rounds all across the whole earth and into every nation. May the Reformation Glory Stations be opened in every nation. If you will build it, the Conductor will come.

2020: A Worldwide Roaring Harvest
The last year I covered in my prophetic word from 2004 was the year 2020. I wrote: "The army of God will be running full steam." I inserted Dan. 12:10"But the wise will understand" as being relevant at that time. Perhaps the best thing in my prophetic notes was "The Bride of Christ will be evident and be beautiful." May that be so. I also noted that the Ez. 47 deep level of the waters would be released, and that righteousness would begin to be established in the earth. 

That last level of waters being released was ultimately for the "healing of the nations." That is where this is all going. As Ez. 47:9 says about the new, high watermark, "and there will be large numbers of fish." A great harvest of souls is coming as we embark on harvesting the nations themselves. More will get saved as we embrace reformation than were getting saved as we embraced revival. The greater encompasses the lesser.

Trump and the Angel Called "Union"
As I have stated before, I believe that Trump will be the most important President since Abraham Lincoln and that our nation will in the future have a "before Trump" and "after Trump" historical perspective. I believe that the United States' great angel named "Union" has been ordered to step in, as he has not been asked to step in since Lincoln's day. I also believe a great angel of Reformation that was from that day has also been released at this time, and it is for the 2.0 version of reformation. 

Heaven is in a very interventionist mode with America at this time, and it is going to take some getting used to for many who don't understand America's assigned role among the nations. The United States was formed and fashioned with a foundation of freedom and liberty as a gift to the nations. The nations of the world were hopelessly stuck in dead-end cycles of tyranny, war, and devastation. America was and still is the interruption into those cycles, and the call extends well beyond anything we have so far seen.

God's commitment to seeing America through has not wavered despite our many weaknesses, and this will become increasingly evident to those who have eyes to see. America is also called to be the protector and guarantor of Israel, and it is a primary calling. Because of that call, military might is a must for America as a deterrent to foolishness among the nations.

What we will see for the next 8 years is reflected in the acronym of our new president's last name.
Transformation- this is what happens to people and to the macro narrative itself.
Reformation- this is what happens to the 7 Mountains of society.
Union- this is the great angel over us and his specific assignment.
Momentum- we will shift into full-scale destiny momentum.
Prosperity- transformation and reformation are both a root and a fruit of prosperity.
As you put all these together you see that these are the ingredients necessary to "make America great." When America becomes great it will also allow the nations of the world to step into their greatness as the keys to greatness will be released. I will release more on these 5 in a future word. This is not about idolizing a man but about recognizing the hand of God in every detail with him. He chose a man named Trump, and he is using his name, his age and almost every detail about him to broadcast a message to those who have ears to hear.

Understanding California
During this past election, California stands out as the state that was most anti-Trump. With 40 million it is the most populous state of the union and it is also the only minority-majority state with 43% of its residents speaking a language other than English at home. California cast 4.35 million more votes for Hillary Clinton than for Donald Trump. As the math reveals if you take out California from the popular vote Trump won the vote total by about 1.5 million votes.
California is often seen by much of the nation as the "wacky, liberal" state. However, when you understand the demographics of the state you get a much better picture of the uniqueness of California that extends beyond it attracting "eccentric people," which it admittedly does.
Because of California's size and because of its lead domino status in America, what happens in California is very important. 1/8th of the population of the United States lives in California, and its stand-alone economy would place it in the top ten nations of the world. Furthermore, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and Church trends out of California dominate the 3 mountains of arts, economy, and religion of the whole world. The other 4 mountains of education, media, government and family, are only slightly behind those primary 3. Having lived here for the last 3 plus years, I can tell you that California is the deep end of the pool and very important on a worldwide scale. (Photo via Unsplash)

Why California Voted Anti-Trump
The primary reason has to be because of Trump's rhetoric regarding immigrants and illegal aliens, and not because of it being "wacky, liberal." 

Whites have gone down in California from 78% of the population in 1970 to 38% in 2015. Though it is known that there is a huge Mexican and Latino population, there are 6 million Asians as well. That means there are more Asians in California than there are total population in 32 of our 50 states. Some other demographics: There are 1 million Jews and 400,000 Muslims. There are 500,000 Iranian-Americans (20% of Beverly Hills) and 600,000 Armenian-Americans. There are an estimated 1 million Native Americans. There are 715,000 Arab-Americans, 1.4 million Filipinos (20% of registered nurses), 1.4 million Chinese, 450,000 Japanese, 500,000 Koreans, and 650,000 Vietnamese - just to name a few of the larger people groups. There are over 200 languages spoken in California. There are more Catholics in California than in any state. More Mormons, 700,000, than anywhere besides Utah, plus large Hindu and Buddhists populations. 

Add to all of this an additional 2.5 million illegal or undocumented individuals and you begin to get a better picture of California. It is the ultimate "melting pot" of the "melting pot" we are as a nation.

California Keyword: Acceptance
Once you understand the demographics of California you better understand the underlying unofficial motto of this state which is "acceptance." It is not just a concept but it is a reality. People of all races, nations, religions, and sexual orientations flock to this state because this is where they will find the most acceptance. Now, "acceptance" with NO boundaries is clearly not good, and that perhaps is the bane of California. 

We have the very recent death of George Michael that is case and point. The pop star who sold over 100 million records had a huge hit song in 1990 called "Freedom." The video that accompanied the song showcased that the "freedom" being championed was the freedom to follow every sexual impulse one might have. His death this week at age 53 might well be related to having taken too many "freedoms" and that is a very common story out of Hollywood. Excess of freedoms. Excess of acceptance. Yet despite this excess, there can be no doubt that "acceptance" is much more a Biblical value than a diabolical value.

The theme of "acceptance" is central to our standing as Believers and it is what Jesus died on the Cross to provide for us. We are accepted in the Beloved. The Holy Spirit then has adopted us and tells us from the inside out "you are accepted." Furthermore, as we study the 1 Corinthians 13 love chapter of the Bible the descriptors of love are laced with the idea of acceptance. Love bears all things, love believes all things, love is kind, love seeks not its own, etc. etc.

Ultimately, any way we look at it, too much "acceptance" is closer to the Gospel than rejection-inducing religious legalism. We see Jesus come into the picture and He reaches out in love to an adulteress, a prostitute, lepers, a tax collector—which were essentially the pariahs of that generation. His eye was on the outcasts and the rejected. He also told the story of the Prodigal Son and it was all about a non-deserving sinner getting grace and acceptance as he turned to the Father. Jesus' harsh words and actions were saved for the Pharisees and religious leaders who represented the "rules committee" of that day.

Reformation Glory Coming to Minority America
It is this atmosphere of acceptance of California that makes it conducive for being where the Holy Spirit can pour out every new thing He has to pour out. Desperate, needy people who march to the beat of another drum gather here and it becomes a place the Holy Spirit is drawn to.
This all goes into explaining California and its importance in the coming days, despite it being so seemingly far away from what God voted in this time. I think a very wrong message to pick up from this last election is that God has decided He is tired of minorities and their "issues" and is now working with the majority. Ultimately I believe we are going to be shocked at the shift in America to properly caring for the outcasts, the immigrants, the minorities and even the "illegals." (Photo via Flickr)

We have had a party give lip service to compassion for these types while giving no evidence of it. NO party has really worked on the inner-city crisis that we have, that is connected to the need for reform in criminal justice, sentencing guidelines, prison care, and education systems. The party that regularly gets 90% of the vote of black America has done virtually nothing other than give lip service.

For honesty sake, the Republican Party has not even given lip service. Part of the Reformation Glory Train coming is bringing the practical solutions for these broken systems of America. I believe that this is now going to happen—perhaps against all odds to what it feels like right now—so if you are minority America hang in there. What looks like worse days up ahead will be better days.

The same goes for immigrants and the issues surrounding them, both for those legal and illegal. I have talked with enough immigrants that paid the price for going through the difficult process of being American citizens to know that it would strike them as unjust to simply reward everyone who illegally came into this country with an easy pathway to citizenship. I believe some real wisdom is forthcoming, and yes, in some ways President Trump will end up endorsing some mercy measures he was formerly against.

California Will Respond to the Reformation Glory Train
California is actually one of the least partisan states in the union. It is very prone to waves of thought and opinion, and again very non-idealogical. Clinton took the vote by over 30% but earlier in the year it was less than 10%. California is the state that voted in Republican actor Arnold Schwarzenegger as Governor not that long ago.

In 1984 they voted in Ronald Reagan who carried a 57.5% of the vote. That election Reagan took in 49 of the 50 states. I believe that if these next 4 years go the way I see them that this very divided nation could go very close to showing that kind of unity. Trump will have to prove he is not heartless as it relates to immigrant issues, and then the economic stimuli that he will engender will positively affect just about everyone in the nation—especially the middle class and those trying to enter the middle class.

I believe that within 4 years 10 million Americans will have a higher standard of economic classification and that most of those will be low to middle-income citizens. The upper class can't go higher than the upper class, so it does not mean they won't thrive as well. America is going to thrive because it has been ordered by God. We are not in need of praying it in, behaving it in, or striving it in. We just have to extend our hands and receive it in! Get used to great grace and great glory because they are both coming in.

Blue Wave of the Blue Hairs
Back in 2015, I gave a word of the Lord coming in on a "blue wave of the blue hairs." Those were those over 50 years old who were not to think they were irrelevant, but actually very key to what God was going to do. This is to let you know that this did happen and it is going to continue. Whether you were a part of it or not it was the over 50-year-old group that voted Donald Trump in as President. The 18-39 age group overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton (which might explain some of the friction some of your are having with your kids and grand kids since the election). (Photo via Flickr)

So you blue hairs (no insult intended as I am one of them), be aware that you already did a great thing. The Millennials are the future of America and the world, but you are still the present. If you will not disengage from society you are going to be positioned for greatness. You must abandon old narratives and old wineskins...if you will, the rewards to you and through you will be amazing. You are called to prosper exceedingly.

What is an old narrative or wineskin? One that sees judgment, rapture, the antichrist, or the beast right around every corner. These are the early days of the Kingdom Age. A new era of renaissance is now firmly upon us. If you will plan and set your life around that reality, you blue hairs can be the Joshua and Caleb's of today. Joshua and Caleb were both over 80 when Israel crossed into the Promised Land. They were the two oldest men in Israel. If you will begin to think like them your bodies will begin to take the cues and your strength and health will be renewed. It is time for you to rise and shine because your light has come and the glory of the Lord is rising on you.

America The Beautiful
As I have been seeing this Reformation Glory Train, I have been hearing over and over the aforementioned anthem America the Beautiful (God Bless America). I believe in America this is the song being played on the Reformation Glory Train. As in the movie, "The Polar Express" your golden ticket to board is BELIEVE. Just BELIEVE. After that, you want to be one listening to this prophetic anthem over America. Here are some lines of the song:
"America, America, God shed His grace on thee, and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea.
America, America, God mend they ev'ry flaw.
America, America, May God they gold refine, undimmed by human tears, thine alabaster cities gleam!"
This is not just patriotic gushing but is God's own heart for this nation. Believe it from your core and your negative energy spin will shift positively to hope and joy. I hear the Lord also saying, "Quit freaking out about Believers dying. They are all more than fine. I'm going to take care of you as well."

I see the veil between Heaven and earth getting thinner and thinner and death being feared less and less. Risk more and safeguard less. Sometimes the Lord lets a key leader die, not because satan's assault is so unstoppable, but because the leader has battled Hell valiantly for so many years even his or her angels are begging for God to bring them home.

Kim Clement, Bob Jones, John Paul Jackson, Jill Austin, Ruth Heflin, and John Wimber, they are all ecstatically happy and involved in what we are doing now. They are all still prophesying over us and pressing the Father on our behalf. For Believers in Christ, death is always swallowed up in victory.

The Earth Becoming A Beautiful Garden
For those from other nations, know that America becoming beautiful is only a piece of the puzzle. If you can rise high enough in the spirit and see the coming years you will note that the whole earth is becoming a beautiful garden. (Photo via Pixabay)

Many of you are about to receive a dream from God as Jacob did in Gen. 28, and you will say as He did in verse 16"Surely the Lord is in this place and I did not know it."Wrap yourself in these 5 truths about God:
2.) HE IS BIG. 
Soak in that until you exude this as your new fragrance. Then get on the Reformation Glory Train and ride prosperously. This is the age of restoration and the era of renaissance in the advanced knowledge of God.

Johnny Enlow
Johnny and Elizabeth


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