Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Musings on Testing

Yesterday during a discussion with a new friend I was reminded of a word of wisdom given me by Tommy Tyson.  I was telling him that I had often questioned whether I learned a lesson I was supposed to learn previously because I seemed to be going through the same lesson again.  He reminded me that I am traveling on a spiral not a circle.  He said each time we revisit a situation we are a little higher in our response.

I have been thinking about that this morning.  Each time we go through a trying situation, if we are attuned to God, He teaches us ways to overcome.  I'm wondering if He allows us to go through a similar situation again as a test so that we can practice using those resources He provided and see for ourselves how much we learned.  I think that as we do, He reveals even more helpful tools which cause us to react to the next test on a higher plane.  Isn't He wise!!

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