Thursday, January 5, 2017

Testimonies of Healing from Wellspring Ministries in Alaska

     I have mentioned previously that a group of us are studying healing.  I have been compiling materials from several different sources to supplement the Ken Fish videos.  One of those sources includes two books by Art Matthias, Biblical Foundations of Freedom and In His Own Image.  All of the material is being used to reinforce Ken's teachings on the videos that for physical healing to happen, usually underlying conditions must be dealt with first.

These testimonies illustrate this.  They came today in Art Matthias' December email newsletter.

Here are a few testimonies from two conferences that I [Art Matthias] taught this fall that will encourage all of us.

F.D. came to the First United Methodist Church in Clyde, Texas for a Freedom Conference. He could hardly breathe because of lung cancer. He listened and prayed on Sunday and said he felt a lot better. He continued to pray through the past and present bitterness in his life, and by Wednesday he was breathing great.  The following week he had a PET scan and the lung cancer was gone!  

Rev. N. P., a retired Methodist pastor had suffered with a broken hamstring. The doctors said there was nothing that they could do. He came to the conference using a walker and thinking he would never walk again.  He prayed through many things in his life and after the Wednesday morning session we prayed for a miracle, that God would reattach his hamstring.  After we prayed I asked him how his leg felt and he said it was tingling. He sat in his chair for a few minutes after the meeting was over and then he stood and put the walker on his arm, and walked out of the room with a normal walk. He went to his car, left the walker and then came back in, standing up straight and walking normally.  I asked him how he was doing, and he said, “I am healed! God has reattached my hamstring.”  

A young woman testified that she had suffered with daily migraine headaches for most of her life. She said that after receiving ministry from a person trained by Wellspring four months earlier the migraines were gone!

A young woman shared that her uncle suffered from diabetes and that he was in the hospital in Toronto waiting to have his leg amputated just below the knee. She said he was watching on the livestream of the conference and that she was praying with him and as they prayed his leg began to heal, and surgery was canceled!   

A person living in Peru who watched the livestream, called in and reported being healed of leprosy!

Jack Harley came to the conference from New Brunswick. Jack shared how he purchased a copy of Biblical Foundations of Freedom from my appearance on the Sid Roth show.  He shared how he began to do the simple things the book taught. He reported three different people being healed of cancers as they learned to forgive, and another healed of advanced Alzheimer’s disease. The Alzheimer’s was so advanced his wife had to do literally everything for him. Jack asked if her husband was a believer and she said yes. Jack then explained how her husband had accepted the false identity of Alzheimer’s and told her to explain to him who he really was in Jesus, even though he could not understand anything.  She did this that evening as she put him in bed. The next morning he was not there. She looked all over for him, he was not in the home. Then she looked outside and he was washing their car!  Totally healed!

I prayed with a lady who had back surgeries but still suffered with constant pain and unable to work. I asked when the pain started. She told me she had hurt herself four years ago while working out. She then shared she was working out to keep her boyfriend happy. We prayed and the pain left.

Several shared with me how broken relationships with their children and other family members were healed through forgiveness.

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