Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Daily Rant: Donald Trump: Impossibility Became Reality

I love Mychal Massie's way with words!! Here is his jan 24th column from The Daily Rant:

Donald Trump: Impossibility Became Reality

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A Lesson In Defying The Odds

The day America has yearned for finally arrived in the wee hours of the dark early morning night of November 9, 2016. Donald J. Trump had done the seemingly impossible. We the People had hoisted a blue-collar billionaire upon our shoulders and carried him to victory refusing to be sidetracked or swayed by the political illuminati and Erebusic progressives posing as objective media.
The people of America soundly rejected the toxic policies of a neo-Leninist for an “I don’t give a damn what they think of the truth” hard working pragmatic successful businessman. The people of America also made it abundantly clear that the spirit with which the Preamble of the Constitution was penned – when push came to shove, still burned within us today.
Mid afternoon on Thursday January 19, 2017, as I watched the video of the President-Elect’s plane leave New York and arrive at Joint Base Andrews, I finally began to smile. It was only then that I allowed myself to appreciate the full weight of what We the People had accomplished.
It was with a sense of respect that I imagine the people had for Joseph of scriptures and/or Solomon that I applaud a David-like man who slew the lion and bear (See: 1 Samuel 17:36) en route to face the “uncircumcised Philistines” inhabiting the political environs.
President Trump’s inauguration speech was a breath of air so fresh and so pure that it asphyxiated the politicians and progressive mainstream media. The media accused him of not acting dignified and called his speech “dark and ominous.” They opined that his “inauguration address was as divisive as everything else he has said.” One of the FoxNews persons claimed his “speech was not brilliant.”
Therein are the key reasons Donald J. Trump is today the President, and We the People are delirious with joy and thanksgiving. It was/is the colossal failure of the self-ascribed progressive intelligentsia to appreciate what real people are going through; indeed have been going through. It was/is the excessive pomposity of those referenced who have undisguised contempt for those they view as working class America – whereas Donald Trump embraces us.
An example of that was his instructions to set ticket prices for the Inaugural Balls at $50.00 so they would be affordable for all. Granted there were other black-tie events with ticket prices several times that amount but those weren’t the ones he attended.
The progressives wrapped themselves in vestiges of neo-Leninism with their middle finger exposed for We the People to clearly see. However that resulted in their having said finger broken where it attaches to their hand and now they are caterwauling derisively blaming We the People for their pain.
Donald Trump has indeed ushered in a palpable freshness of community and unity. In the months since November 8, I have traveled from state to state and stopping in countless stores, restaurants, etc. wearing my “Make America Great Again” Trump hat. The numbers of people who have signaled me thumbs up, who have said to me “I like your hat,” and who have stopped me in stores and restaurants to share how much they liked then President-Elect Trump was by definition astronomical. I’ve even had people beep their car horn and give me thumbs several times as I was getting into my automobile.
My pastor and I observed that people readily said “Merry Christmas.” This Christmas there was a sense of merriment and Christmas spirit that had been absent even before Obama took office and most certainly was missing during his reign.
Proverbs 29:2 reads: “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” (King James Version) And such is absolutely the case today. Since we, with Donald Trump, won the election a darkness has been lifted; the bright horizon of transcendent possibility now buoys the spirit of America.
As I watched President Trump deliver his Inaugural Address, I did so with a deep sense of spiritual gratification. I had a sense that what we have experienced in the past months was the work of “One” greater than we and if that be the case (and nothing dissuades me that it isn’t) then those who are attacking us would do well to read Acts 5:38-39 (King James Version).

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