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"4 Months of Accelerated Glory! It's Your Season to 'Go for It'!" Joe Joe Dawson,

From the Elijah List:

Recently, in a time of prayer, the Lord showed me an amazing prophetic vision about the next 4 months. The 4 months are the last 2 in 2018, and the first 2 in 2019. It's November, December, January and February. "Accelerated glory,"were the words I heard. I've never in my life seen so many people, who are believing for the Kingdom of God to be manifested on the earth, moving forward at one time.
This is Your Season to "Go For It!"
"Many of you have been building a foundation in 2018, but you are about to experience the glory at a greater level."
As I talk to different friends and ministries from all over America, every one of them is saying, "Joe, I don't fully know what is about to happen, but I've never been more excited. I've never had more things lining up for me. I've never had such an acceleration and an increase in my life, finances, health and in everything I am doing. It is like we are at the point where it is about to bust forward. It is about to break loose." So, I have been telling everybody in the ROAR Apostolic Network, "This is a season when you need to go for it! You need to throw your life into whatever God has called you to do."
Accelerated Glory
I heard the Lord say the words: "Accelerated glory." I'm talking about the true glory and the real glory. When the glory of God shows up, everything changes. Everything shifts. Transitions are made. Atheists are saved. People with infirmities are healed. Marriages are restored. It's not just that the Holy Spirit shows up; it's an accelerated glory where God comes down and the glory rests upon us.
When the glory of God comes, people cannot even minister. I know over the past few years, we've had a few services where we've had what I call, "a holy hush." I don't know what else to call it. We might have been 2, 3 or 4 hours in a service and then the glory showed up in such a way that nobody moved for 10 to 15 minutes. There was an accelerated glory. There have been times when I've been in my house by myself, working on a project or doing something, and all of a sudden, I can sense the glory of God. I will just sit down, get on my knees or lay flat on the floor. Then, the glory of God comes in. During these times I may get a vision, a revelation, or heavenly wisdom. I will feel the glory, the kabod, or the weight of God resting upon me.
My friends, over the next 4 months we are about to see this in our churches and in meetings. But the main place we will experience the accelerated glory is in our personal, private prayer time. You're gonna have moments where you feel the power, the weight, the glory of God just come in and rest upon you. During the next 4 months you're going to be able to tell people, "I spent time with God." It will not just be a regular, private prayer time. You'll be able to tell people, "I experienced the glory and the weight of God."
Sudden Solutions and Insights
As you encounter the accelerate glory, you will learn how to operate, steward and move in it. You'll be able to function with the weight of God on you. You're going to have accelerated glory in every aspect of your life. When you go to work, you can expect the glory of God to come in. Sudden solutions from Heaven will come. Sudden insights from God will be given to you. Sometimes we will have a vision, or a good thought, and we will think about it for a few weeks or months. Then we'll start working towards it. But when the accelerated glory comes, wisdom from the Lord is released and we are given prophetic insight into how to steward what God is showing us. (Photo via Pixabay)
Get ready! In November, December, January and February, you are going to enter into a Kairos season. The glory will hit you, and you will know automatically how to steward the weight and presence of God.
Shifting Atmospheres
In this season of accelerated glory, there will be times when you're at work and the glory of God is going to hit you. You're going to feel the heavy weight of the anointing. You'll have the glory of God upon you to lay hands and pray for that one co-worker, who you might not like or who may be battling cancer, and the accelerated power, presence and glory of God will hit them, and things will change. You are going to be able to shift atmospheres. You may be at a restaurant, a coffee shop, at a grocery store, a family reunion or a parent-teacher conference and be able to release the accelerated glory of God to shift things. I'm believing for people in our government to have a powerful encounter with the glory of God.
"This is a season when you need to go for it! You need to throw your life into whatever God has called you to do."
During these 4 months when the glory of God comes in, the people who do not walk closely with the Lord will not be able to speak or move, because the glory is upon them. When the glory shows up, only the true children of God will be able to speak under the weight of the glory. You're going to be in meetings and God is going to put you in elevated places to walk in His glory. You'll be able to carry the power of the glory of God.
Your Mantle is Coming Upon You
The Lord is saying right now, "You are about to have your mantle wrap around you like a winter coat. You're going to be able to walk in your mantle in the glory. You've had a prophetic word over your life but you've never been able to step into that." If you're outside and you're cold, as soon as you put on a coat you feel warmer almost immediately. Your mantle is coming upon you. Embrace your mantle, wear your mantle and walk in the glory of God. Over the next 4 months, my friends, you are going to see and feel your mantle wrap around you, and then you better be ready for the glory, the accelerated glory, of God to come upon you. You are going to be able to start walking in your calling, your purpose and your destiny.
There is Oil from Your Pressing
You are going to receive key insight, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding from the Lord. You're about to walk in a greater anointing than ever before. In your past seasons, you've been pressed. You've been through trials, tests and tribulations but the pressing of the enemy caused more of the anointing to come out of you.
Whenever oil is being formed in the natural, the olives are pressed to release the oil. The more that you are pressed, the more oil will come out of your life. You've got all this oil that has come out of you from the pressing. But now is your season. You are about to see the accelerated glory of God, and it will far surpass anything you could ever imagine. The weight of God's glory and power is about to come upon you. Everything in your past has been leading up to this moment.
2019—An Even Better Year
The next 4 months of accelerated glory are actually a foundation to carry you through the next 10 months of 2019. At the end of 2017, I was so excited for 2018. As I was really getting excited for 2018, the Lord even told me then, "2018 is going to be a really good year for My children, but when 2019 gets here, it's going to be even better." Many of you have been building a foundation in 2018, but you are about to experience the glory at a greater level. (Photo via Unsplash)
My friends, I hope this word encourages you. This is a season of accelerated glory. Your mantle is coming upon you, the anointing is going to be greater and the glory of God is about to be manifested! 2019 is going to be an exceptionally powerful year for the apostolic and prophetic movements, and the Kingdom of God is going to be manifested on the earth. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
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