Wednesday, November 7, 2018

"What Happens When Prophets MISS an ELECTION PROPHECY?" Steve Shultz,

A word from Steve Schultz, publisher of the Elijah List, about missed prophetic words:

From Steve Shultz: I want to cut right to the heart of an important matter today. Last night the elections finally happened, and while it is good that the Senate was held (so that future judges can still be appointed by President Trump), it honestly was not the "RED TSUNAMI" that several prophets prophesied.

In order for us to have integrity, we must be willing to say "we got it wrong" or "we missed it" or "at least on the surface, what was prophesied does not appear to have happened at all."
Please, as readers of THE ELIJAH LIST, please do understand that when a respected prophet (as Charlie Shamp is) gets a word wrong, that DOES NOT MAKE HIM A FALSE PROPHET. A miss is a miss. That's all! And we must be honest about it.

False prophets lead people intentionally away from God. NONE of our prophets do that. NONE of them. But sometimes a prophet we publish will miss it on certain words. Most of these misses are small, even tiny. Several prophets had stated that God would turn the map red again during this election, and rather than being a blue wave, they said it was going to be a "RED TSUNAMI."

There is not any level where a "Red Tsunami" was apparent. Control of the House was lost. This is not an inconvenience to God! NOTHING is impossible for God. It's an inconvenience for President Trump but NOT FOR GOD!

Here, in just a few words, is my texting back and forth between Prophet Charlie Shamp and myself overnight and this morning. Charlie is in Kenya during this election time.

From Steve: Charlie, it's your wee hours of the morning in Kenya. We are at early returns right now and it's not much looking like a red wave or red tsunami. Wondered if you still felt it would be a red win?
From Charlie: Hey Steve, I am still very confident in what I was shown from the Lord and am saddened by what I see in the natural. After what has taken place with the word regarding Brazil coming to pass, it's hard to concede that something was not wrong with the results of this election. However, I also have to have integrity regarding the prophetic and recognize that what I was shown did not come to pass. Prophecy is not conspiracy as you well know, and I will not try to blame-shift publicly. I don't want to try and twist the word in anyway to buffer criticism, as I feel that God will justify it in the future and we will see something unexpected come out of this. I'm grateful for you and the Elijah List for standing with me as a young prophet over the years.
From Steve: Yes Charlie, this one is quite the mystery... It's disappointing of course, but perhaps you are correct that something will yet reveal itself. My question for you this morning is—Do you feel it would be OK for me to publish what you sent me overnight? I do feel we have to be intellectually honest that, at least as far as what the eye can see, it did not appear to be a red tsunami. If we are up front, most people will respect that.
From Charlie: Yes, I am fine with you releasing it. In fact, I believe it is important as this could also be a test to where we are headed in the prophetic. Can God trust us to have purity and integrity when it comes to the prophetic? To whom much is given, much is required. We celebrate when the word comes to pass and we must make corrections, adjustments and have humility when it does not. God has challenged me not to be vague in prophetic words, but to be exact when it comes to words for nations because the Church isn't just looking, but those in the world are looking as well. 
Sometimes in personal prophecy, we can give a word and it can be out of season and some will feel like we missed it, but it eventually comes to pass. I believe it is the same with words for nations—we can hear accurately, but miss the timing and date. I just know that one missed word does not define a movement or a prophetic people. We are all growing in hearing God and honestly we don't know the full outcome of what the prophets have seen. 
I also experienced the depth of intercession that it took to birth the Kavanaugh prophetic word into the nation. It was a spiritual warfare unlike anything I have ever experienced! There is a real fight for this nation, and we can't give up or stop prophesying. The people of God need to be encouraged by the prophets and know that God is still speaking. Even more so now that some of our heroes like Prophet Kim have went to be with the Lord. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
Bless you Steve and thanks for reaching out.
From Steve: Charlie, per our previous conversation earlier today, yes, let's talk by phone when you are back in the US, and we can process this through. You're doing GREAT Charlie! Whatever you do, KEEP PROPHESYING and KEEP LEADING PEOPLE TO JESUS! –end of texting conversation.

Church—let's keep praying and moving forward...knowing that God loves our nation and wants to bring unity. We need to seriously continue receiving revelation through God's prophets—for they've been given to us as an important gift to the Body of Christ. 
Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News

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