Friday, November 9, 2018

Discouragement is a tool of the enemy!

I was reading a prophetic word this morning when this line caught my attention:

"I never call you to quit by using discouragement! Discouragement is from the enemy, and it only confirms that I have a greater calling on you than you realize. 

I believe that is a true word from God!  If you are about to quit something you have begun--maybe it is something you thought God had called you to do but are feeling discouraged and are considering quitting--think about this.  God does not use discouragement as a sign to quit something.  Discouragement is a tactic of the devil.  God does not use the devil's tools to do His work. If he wants you to quit something he will show you or close the door.  Trust Him and continue what He has called you to do, knowing it is darkest just before the dawn, so your breakthrough is probably right around the corner.  Press through!

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