Wednesday, November 7, 2018


      I must say I am more than a little disappointed this morning.  The fact that the Dems picked up 34 seats to have control of the House is disillusioning to say the least.  I really hoped and expected when people saw what they stood for, killing babies, hatred, lies, mobs, ruining reputations for their own gain, socialism, illegal immigration (Do they not know what illegal means?  They could work to change the laws if they want open borders but until they do it is still ILLEGAL) and on and on, that there would be a repudiation.  What is wrong with Americans today?
     I am so tired of the constant negativism and was hoping that would change this year as more conservatives were elected.
     When Obama became President he was given every opportunity to be great.  The Press worshipped him, as did his followers.  He could do nothing wrong even when he began to make his own laws (with his pen).  Everything about his life was excused and concealed, from his radical activism as a community organizer, to his Communist mentor and Communist leaning parents, his possible illegal birth, to no school records except those as a child in Indonesia. But President Trump and his family's lives have been under a microsope.  He has had nothing but criticism and obstruction since he came in to office.  But even so, he has charged ahead implementing the promises on which he was elected.  Why can't they at least leave him alone?  I'm not even asking for support, just allow him to do his job--which from all accounts shows he is doing more for the country than possibly any previous President with the exception maybe of Reagan.  I think there are many swamp creatures who enjoy their habitat and are trying very hard to keep him from draining it.  I believe Donald Trump is "God's man of power for the hour", and he has much to do before he leaves office in 2024.  Only a man with his temperament could withstand what he has had to put up with.
      I am also disappointed in the prophecies from men like Charles Shamp and Johnny Enlow (which I posted earlier) that said Reps would keep the House and Senate.  Johnny even prophesied a red tsunami.  I have been impressed by previous words he has given, but this one obviously didn't come to pass! I admire them for going out on the limb to say it, and I must say it kept me from being stressed about all the bad news coming in, but since they were wrong it will be difficult to take other words given by them seriously.  I know prophetic words are conditional, so maybe conditions weren't met, but I still put much hope and faith in these "prophets of God" and will have to reconsider whether I will post other words.
     What are your feelings this morning?  Are you, too, disappointed and somewhat disillusioned?  I would love to hear your comments.

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