Tuesday, November 13, 2018

False Teachers

    Are you one of those who has searched out names of people on the Internet whom you had heard good things about and who seemed to be sincerely trying to do God's work only to be confronted with extremely negative, critical, condemning articles of them, calling them false prophets, etc.?  As I have been researching my classes for Integrated Healing I have been angered, and in some cases, furious, at the lies that are being told.  I am appalled by those who are condemning many of those from whom I have learned much and who have truly inspired me to do the things Jesus called us to do.  Do they even know what they are doing?
    I haven't figured out yet who put them in charge of telling us what is right and wrong, but I believe they have much to be concerned about in that they are leading others astray and keeping them from receiving much healing.  I can't imagine that pleases God.  They are frightening people away from some of the mose effective help they could receive.  I personally have learned much and received much healing in the past through Camps Farthest Out, Tommy Tyson, Glenn Clark, Agnes Sanford, Starr Daily, Frank Laubach and many other wonderful saints of old, and I am now being inspired to desire to be a much better person, and hopefully am helping others also, through the ministries of Mark Virkler, Bill Johnson, Randy Clark, the Kylstras, Peter Horrobin, Art Matthias and many others.  
      Some of my friends and I, have personally prayed for others using tools we learned from these great teachers to the effect of helping them be free of things they had been dealing with and searching for help with for years!  One was even so excited and grateful she asked me to post her story on my blog (here).  I believe it is up to each person to pray and ask for guidance and discernment about the people from whom they are learning.  I don't believe we are appointed to do that for others.  I believe God has given us a mind and his Spirit to determine right and wrong if we ask.  
      I also believe we have much responsibility in leading others astray:  In case you need a little scripture to corroborate what I'm attempting to say:
 Psalm 105:15 (The Passion Translation):  He said to them, “Don’t you dare lay a hand on my anointed ones, and don’t do a thing to hurt my prophets!”
Isaiah 5:21:  Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!
        Even though our family experienced so much love and influence towards good through our involvement with Camps Farthest Out, when one of our children, who went to a Christian High School, was assigned a paper on David Hunt's book, The Seduction of Christianity, it changed his attitude.  He was at an impressionable age, wanting to disagree with parents and admiring the teacher, so doubts were planted.  As I have always tried to point out to our children, look at the fruit.  I believe David Hunt's infuence has done much to thwart God's work in the world today.  I forgive him for his influence in my family because I don't believe he understands what he is doing but I would warn others to stay away.  Seek your own path.  Jesus loves you so much he won't let you be deceived.  Would you let your own children be deceived if they asked your advice.  How much better is God our Father than our natural fathers could ever be.                                                         
      If these people who are citicizing can actually say they are doing what Christ did, healing the sick, setting captives free, raising the dead, casting out demons, loving unconditionally and causing others to do the same, then by all means follow them, but if they are being controlled by a religious spirit that does nothing but criticize and tries to control their readers then I think those who have been listening to them might want to ask what He thinks of all this.

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